Bending of the uterus and pregnancy

Is the uterine bend and pregnancy compatible?

In fact, physicians have proved that the in itself wrong position of the uterus is not yet the cause of infertility. What leads to this is what causes this shift. For example, various inflammations in the uterus, in the appendages, in other neighboring organs.

The uterus is a muscular organ. It consists of the body and neck, and is located in the cavity of the small pelvis. It is located in the middle between the bladder and rectum. Ideally - the body of the uterus slightly tilted forward and with a neck forms an obtuse angle. Normally, the angle between the uterus body and its neck should be open in the front. At a bend all is absolutely different: the corner between a body and a neck of a uterus is opened not in front, and behind. In this case, the body of the uterus is also deflected posteriorly, and the cervix is ??directed from the front. Being in this position, the uterus constantly presses on the ligaments. They, in turn, gradually relax, and so the uterus descends. It happens that the uterus in retroflexia is, as it were, "soldered" to the rectum.

Various inflammations of the appendages, external endometriosis, adhesions, inflammation of the rectum can also become the causes of retroflexia.

The ligaments to which the uterus is suspended may be weakened by uterine hypoplasia - for example, with prolonged breastfeeding, congenital feature - due to age, frequent childbirth or - on the contrary - frequent abortions, numerous inflammations in the pelvis or frequent surgeries.

If, for example, the bending of the uterus is associated with inflammation, then the doctors help to eliminate them, then the uterus "will get in place."

In addition, in cases of retroflexia, the uterus can be either mobile, or limited mobile or generally immobile: it all depends on the presence of an adhesive process with adjacent organs.

If the uterus remains mobile and does not move, then the bend can be seen only on a gynecological examination. In this unpleasant sensations and difficulties in conception, a woman with this kind of bend does not actually arise. Pregnancy comes easily and simply, moreover - the more the baby becomes, as long as it develops and grows stronger, The uterus "grows stronger": it gradually assumes normal.

But if the bend of the uterus is fixed (adhesions, adhesions), then the chances of penetration of the sperm into the uterus are reduced to a minimum. Yes, and the movement of the egg on displaced uterine tubes is difficult, and therefore there is a threat of infertility. And if the fruit does manage to conceive, then unfortunately, it is not always possible to deliver it. Of course, the best advice is to consult a doctor: he will help and establish the exact reasons, and will pick up the curvature treatment and give recommendations in which poses and at what time it is most favorable to make love to conceive a long-awaited baby.

As a rule, gynecologists advise making love when the uterus is bent in the "woman on the stomach" position. During sexual intercourse, in order to become pregnant, she should lie on her stomach or turn to the man "back." This is a very simple explanation: in this position, the cervix is ??easiest to immerse in a puddle of sperm. In addition, the sexual act should be short-lived, the woman should not experience an orgasm (he will relax the muscles of the uterus) and after lovemaking, lie a little in this position, and do not run immediately into the shower, otherwise precious spermatozoa can simply pour out and not reach their goal.

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