Best pregnancy test

What is the best pregnancy test?

So, in modern pharmacology, there are three groups of pregnancy tests. The first group includes test strips impregnated with a special reagent. To use it, you need to lower the test strip in a small amount of urine and in 5-10 minutes to determine the pregnancy by the number of colored strips. It would seem that everything is easy and simple. However, for all simplicity, this group of tests has one significant minus - the inaccuracy of the results. This error is due to the fact that the indicator may simply not be saturated enough and give the wrong result. Also, false testimony is possible, If the test strip is lowered deeper than the norm and held longer than the time specified in the instruction. But, in addition to the shortcomings of this group of tests, there is a positive feature - they are relatively cheap and when properly used, the results are very reliable.

The second group of pregnancy tests is the tablet. The price of these tests is slightly higher than the previous ones, but the quality of the results is slightly higher. The test consists of two windows, and the mechanism of action is as follows: the liquid (urine) enters the first window and interacts with the reagent, after a while shows the result in the second window. Thus, all you need is by pipetting, injecting fluid into a certain window and waiting for the results.

However, the most effective of all existing pregnancy tests, according to experts, is an inkjet test. The fact is that such tests contain a special layer of blue particles that are attached to the hormone HCG and determines the presence or absence of pregnancy. The result is already visible after a minute of the test. The advantages of the test can also be attributed to the fact that its use does not require any capacity - it is enough to just put the test under a stream of urine and in a minute to determine the result. The disadvantages of this test are only a high price.

Thus, we came to the conclusion that the best test can be any, you acquired a test, but only with a clear and correct use you can find a reliable result. Therefore, the choice is yours.

Finally, there are a few more tips to consider when choosing a pregnancy test:

  • When buying a test, always pay attention to its expiration date and sensitivity. The lower the sensitivity, the more truthful the result. Thus, the test labeled 10 mMe / ml is much more effective than the test labeled 20 mMe / ml;
  • to check up approach of pregnancy it is expedient in the first days of a delay as the highest level of a hormone hCG is necessary for these days. Pre-test is not recommended, as the level of the hormone can be low and the test simply does not determine pregnancy;
  • in order to make sure of the results of the test, it is best to use several tests of different manufacturers with a break of 3-5 days.

Good luck and the desired results!

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