Betadine in pregnancy

Candles Betadine in pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

Today we will talk about the drug Betadin, which is released in the form of a solution, ointments and suppositories (candles). Most often pregnant women are prescribed candles. They are effective for thrush (candidiasis), other fungal, as well as viral diseases, acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the vagina.

As a rule, these suppositories are injected deep into the vagina twice a day for a week. Another scheme is possible: once a day, but for two weeks. If necessary, the doctor decides to extend the course.

Contraindications to the use of this drug include individual hypersensitivity to iodine, hyperthyroidism, herpetiform dermatitis Duhring. Also it is impossible to use if the woman is to introduce radioactive iodine. The Betadin candles are absolutely incompatible with other disinfectant and antiseptic agents. Especially it concerns preparations containing alkalis, enzymes and mercury.

Some women after the introduction of suppositories complain of side effects - itching and swelling at the injection site. This occurs as a result of an allergic reaction to iodine. In this case, the drug must be canceled.

The drug "Betadine" is an iodine compound. Most doctors are inclined not to prescribe it to pregnant women, because it can disrupt the formation and activity of the thyroid gland of a child. Other specialists during the pregnancy still prescribe the suppositories of Betadine, but with particular caution. For example, Betadine is approved for use in the first trimester of pregnancy, and is strongly discouraged in the third. Nevertheless, if there is no other way out than the purpose of these candles in a particular case, then the treatment is carried out. True, in which case this happens under the special supervision of the doctor. In addition, if the drug has to be used for a long time, it is necessary to carry out periodic monitoring of the thyroid function of the baby.

Practice shows that with the proper appointment of a candle "Betadin" are effective in treating bacterial vaginosis in women with the threat of abortion and even in the presence of structural changes in the cervix (for example, its shortening and inconsistency of the cervical canal).

What can be said absolutely, is that you can not prescribe yourself this drug (however, like everyone else) in any case it is impossible. Even if your girlfriend had the same symptoms as yours, and the doctor prescribed her candles for Betadin, it does not say anything. The thing is, that often similar symptoms are for absolutely different diseases, and it is only the doctor who can diagnose what the woman is worried about after the visual examination, and also after receiving the results of the necessary tests.

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