Blackberry in pregnancy

Blackberry in pregnancy is good, contraindications and risks of use

The benefits and harm of blackberries during pregnancy

Let's start with the fact that this berry (like many others) is safe during pregnancy only if it is fresh, well washed and not contains pesticides. Therefore, it's best to buy blackberries from trusted vendors or collect (grow) yourself. If the berries are well washed, then they do not represent harm to the health of the mother and the future baby. Meanwhile, the beneficial properties of this delicious berry are enough:

  • blackberry provides the body of a pregnant woman with the most important nutrients. The blackberry contains approximately 21% of the recommended daily dose of fiber, which helps digestion and prevents the development of constipation. Also in the blackberry contains a natural component - folate, which prevents the development of birth defects and reduces the number of miscarriages;
  • Blackberry contains such useful substances necessary for the health of a pregnant woman, such as: vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, etc. Thanks to them, future moms feel more energetic. Even experts recommend that in later terms of pregnancy to consume 5-6 berries of blackberries every day to provide the body with enough energy;
  • Blackberry, in addition to all of the above, perfectly satisfies hunger, so it will easily replace your favorite buns and cakes (which, as you know, are not welcome during pregnancy).

As you can see, the benefits of the blackberry during pregnancy are significant enough, so during the period of its maturity, you do not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying it in full. Well, and how else to apply the blackberry in folk medicine, we will tell further.

Possible use of blackberry in pregnancy

Even our grandmothers during pregnancy (and not only) tried to use the blackberry as often as possible to prevent beriberi, strengthen immunity, treat kidney and bladder diseases. Useful properties of the blackberry contribute to improving the memory and blood circulation of the brain. The benign blackberries are used for constipation, and ripe - for diarrhea. Broth of blackberry branches is an excellent remedy for dyspnoea and neurosis. Broth leaves blackberry drink with anemia, nervous disorders.

Pregnant women in the period of viral diseases are encouraged to drink tea from dried and fresh berries, as well as blackberry leaves. This same tea will greatly accelerate the recovery process for colds and infections. Decoctions and infusions of blackberries well quench your thirst with fever.

Fresh blackberry juice - for gargling at a hoarse. Also, blackberry juice is drunk to strengthen immunity during pregnancy.

The tincture of the root of the blackberry is recommended for use in poor digestion or lack of appetite. And the juice from the roots of the blackberry helps to improve the condition in colitis. You can take the tincture from the root of the blackberry, diluted with water and sweetened with a spoonful of honey.

However, since the useful properties of blackberries are preserved in dry berries, then do not be too lazy to take care of their harvesting for the winter. Dry the ripe fruit in the sun, and three days later again in the oven at a temperature of 50-70 degrees. You can keep such berries for two years.

Frozen berries of blackberries also retain their useful properties, however you can only freeze ripe berries.

In conclusion, we note that the contraindication to the use of blackberries during pregnancy is only the individual intolerance of the berry or allergy to it.

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