Bleeding in early pregnancy

Bleeding in early pregnancy is a cause, what to do with bleeding

The first trimester (and, especially, the first month) of pregnancy - time is special. Right now there is a global - both hormonal and physiological - reorganization of the body. If your child is no more than 10 days from conception (remember this nuance!) And you have brown, brown or intensely red discharge (while they are minor and not accompanied by pain), there is probably nothing to be afraid of. At a doctor's appointment (and you'll go to him, right?), You'll find out, that it is caused by the necessary for pregnancy "operation" - the implantation, that is, the attachment, of the fetal egg in the wall of the uterus. In this case, small fragments of its mucous membrane can be rejected, which causes the appearance of small bloody discharge from the vagina.

Allocations of blood in the early stages of pregnancy can provoke and making love. This is due to increased blood flow to the cervix.

The cause of bleeding can also be: erosion of the cervix, polyps of the cervical canal. In these cases, the discharge is usually minor, and also not accompanied by pain. Such bleeding does not carry any particular danger, but they need medical intervention.

In other cases, bleeding is more than a threat. The price of the slightest delay or inaction is a lost child (in case of a spontaneous miscarriage) or a threat to the life of a woman (with an ectopic pregnancy). In addition, the allocation of blood from the genital tract of a pregnant woman can talk about the development of any severe pathology of the cervix, up to oncological neoplasms. Also, the causes of bleeding can be vaginal infections, and this, you must agree, is also not a joke.

Spontaneous abortion is characterized by its gradual course. In this case, at each stage of bleeding will differ from each other. For example, with a threatening miscarriage, bloody discharge can be very scarce. With the bleeding that has started, it can be slow, and when abortion in the course of - it is plentiful. With incomplete spontaneous abortion bloody discharge of dark red color, with clots, can be significant.

How much blood is worth bleeding? Medical literature claims that it includes spotting from a few drops to profuse (that is, when "pours"). The color of the blood can also range from pink to bright red. Sometimes they can have a brownish hue.

Remember that many complications can be avoided if you do not expect a miracle (although they undoubtedly need to be trusted!), but to seek the help of qualified specialists. Health to you and your pussy!

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