Blood from the nose during pregnancy

Why is there blood from the nose during pregnancy?

If this happens to you, then be sure to see a doctor. On the Internet forums write that this condition is in many women and this is quite normal, but it is betterDo not ignore the visit to a specialist, because the causes of blood from the nose can be many and not all of them do not pose a danger.

In general, the occurrence of nasal bleeding is explained by increased blood flow in all mucous membranes, including the nose. In consequence, the inner shell of the nose during pregnancy becomes more sensitive to external influences. For the same reason, pregnant women often complain of nasal congestion. Bleeding from the nose depends on each organism separately, but in general it becomes more frequent if the vessel wall becomes thinner.

However, the more dangerous is the other cause of nosebleeds. This phenomenon can be associated with an increase in blood pressure. To establish whether it really is, it is enough to measure pressure during the next hemorrhage. If the excess is even 10-20 millimeters of the mercury column, then consult a doctor for help. The matter is that the increased pressure negatively affects the utero-placental blood flow. This can lead to the termination of pregnancy. When there is such a threat, there are other signs - headaches, dizziness and flashing of flies before your eyes.

In case of frequent bleeding, doctors recommend blood donation for coagulation, this analysis can clearly judge the cause of frequent nasal bleeding. If the tests do not show any pathologies, then the gynecologist or the attending physician will most likely prescribe Ascorutin vitamins. However, if there are any abnormalities, consult a hematologist. Likely, at high pressure you will be given inpatient treatment, and you will need to take medications to reduce it.

It is very important not to treat the runny nose or nosebleeds yourself. No drops or aerosols in this will help. On the contrary, drugs may harm the future baby. Help in the treatment of these troubles installation in the house humidifier, especially useful it will be in winter, when the air in the room is overdried. It is better if you consume a lot of water. In most cases, bleeding and runny nose go away on their own immediately after the birth of the baby. So you can wait a bit.

When you have blood from your nose, you need to sit down and squeeze the bleeding nostril for three to four minutes. The main thing in this case is not to lie down, otherwise the blood can get into the stomach. This causes nausea and vomiting.

If nosebleeds are frequent and can not be stopped in the manner described above, you should immediately visit a doctor and consult.

How to prevent nasal bleeding in pregnant women?

First, often ventilate the room in which you live, thus, do not allow the mucous membrane to dry out.

Secondly, carefully blow your nose to avoid damaging the fragile vessels.

Third, drink a lot of fluid, then all the organs will suffice moisture.

Frequent bleeding from the nose during pregnancy - an unpleasant phenomenon, but a quick-passing, after the birth of a wonderful baby, all this will be forgotten.

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