Blood in the urine during pregnancy

What does blood in the urine mean in pregnancy?

It should also be clarified that a change in the color of urine does not necessarily indicate the presence of blood in it. This conclusion can be made only by analysis, because some food products are able to color our urine in the most unpredictable colors, including pink, red, orange, brown. But the deviation confirmed by laboratory research can not be ignored.

Most often, hematuria (as the terminology sounds, the excess of blood traces in the urine sounds) accompanies infections of the urogenital system. And, as is known, during pregnancy this pathology is not uncommon. Especially often future mothers suffer from pyelonephritis and cystitis, one of the symptoms of which may be the appearance of traces of blood in the urine. Incidentally, the inflammatory process is virtually asymptomatic, and only urine and blood can tell about its presence (among other things, protein in the urine will be found first of all). But much more often a woman feels pain in the lower abdomen and / or in the lumbar region, a burning sensation during urination, notes a rise in body temperature, and possible vomiting.

Blood in the urine during pregnancy can be caused by damage to the kidney or bladder, as well as the walls of the urinary tract. Among the most likely causes of this group are the presence of stones in the organs of the genitourinary system. In this case, you can not feel any discomfort or other signs, but if the stone moves, then there will be a very severe acute pain.

Blood in the urine during pregnancy can accompany such pathologies as anemia, lupus, diabetes of pregnant women, venereal infections. The presence of any inflammatory process will confirm the detection of protein in the urine and, possibly, the symptoms characteristic of a particular condition.

But most often in pregnancy, the blood in the urine appears due to "harmless causes", for example, minor bladder damage caused by pressure on him by the heavy uterus. Doctors suggest that this condition can also be associated with hormonal changes in this period. Such a hematuria is called idiopathic, it does not pose any threat to either the child or the mother. But still the reasons can be more serious. In medicine, there are more than one and a half hundred states, which can be accompanied by hematuria.

Any pathologies and disorders that lead to the appearance of blood in the urine during pregnancy must necessarily be diagnosed and cured. Therefore, a woman with "bad" analyzes is simply obliged to immediately consult a doctor and undergo the necessary additional tests to determine the cause of the complication. If the blood in the urine during pregnancy is visible to the naked eye (urine acquires a pink, red or brownish color, blood clots in the urine can be seen), then the hospital should be contacted urgently. This should be the case in cases when, in addition to blood in the urine, you are troubled by severe pain in the abdomen, back, waist, or groin, burning sensation during urination, high body temperature, nausea or vomiting, poor appetite and general malaise. Among the likely causes of hematuria, specialists also call neoplasms in the kidney and bladder. But still, in pregnancy, most often we are talking about idiopathic hematuria or, in extreme cases, urinary tract infection, which is caused by physiological changes in the woman's body: the uterus grows and grows in size all the time, squeezing all the organs, including the urinary tract bubble. As a result of such metamorphosis, the free flow of urine becomes more difficult, which leads to the development of infection. It's not fatal, but I still have to be cured. Take the situation with all seriousness and do not give too much risk to your baby.

Let it grow healthy!

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