Bloody discharge before childbirth

Bloody discharge before childbirth

Now, at the end of the term, it is almost possible to breathe easily: the allocation of blood before birth in the vast majority of cases will mean their early onset. But it is still too early to relax completely: even before the onset of the baby, premature detachment of the placenta may begin.

Bloody discharge by the anteroom is a sign of their onset

One of the most reliable signs of the onset of labor is the departure of the mucous plug, which is always accompanied by excreta. The cork can go away already in childbirth (then the woman will not notice it) or go out at once by the whole bunch, for example, during the shower, which can also be left without attention.

But also often the mucous plug comes off parts, gradually, and while the woman notices on the linen mucous discharge of white and yellow color, which may contain veins of blood - pinkish, brown or brown. This is a sure sign that until the meeting with the most desired creature is not very long. From the moment the mucous plug begins to mum, any actions that could lead to infection into the womb (sexual relations, bathing and bathing in stagnant water bodies) should be stopped.

Almost all women discussing bleeding before the birth on the forums confirm that during the day or two from the moment of detecting small amounts of bloody mucus on the underwear, they were giving birth. The obstetricians note that the darker the blood, the less left to go with the puzik. Please note that it can take several hours to 2 weeks before delivery.

Other safe causes of bloody discharge before birth

Departure of the mucous plug is the most likely cause of the appearance of bloody discharge before delivery, which is an absolute physiological norm. But there may be other safe causes of the alarming phenomenon.

A slight discharge of blood from the vagina of a pregnant woman can be observed after examination on a gynecological chair, and not necessarily immediately after receiving a doctor, and perhaps even for several hours afterwards.

Similarly, after intercourse, and quite normally - for two days after sex. The cause of the appearance of bloody discharge in both these cases is mechanical irritation of the cervix, which is already preparing for the beginning of its opening.

When to go to the hospital

We pay special attention to the fact that bloody discharge before birth in all the cases described above should not be abundant. Normally, these are scanty smearing traces or small inclusions, more often brownish, pink, but may be red. If the bleeding started, then the hospital should go without delay, without losing a second! It is also necessary to show to the doctors if, after the beginning of the mucosal separation, the corks of the discharge of blood become stronger or the baby changes its motor activity.

Bloody discharge before delivery, observed 2 weeks before their expected start and earlier, also can not be ignored: be sure to notify your doctor about this.

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