Bodyflex during pregnancy

Can I do bodyflex during pregnancy?

However, it is not necessary to get upset and throw up a sport. Moreover, a sharp rejection of the usual sports life is fraught with the fact that you will begin to accumulate excess weight twice as fast. We advise you not to give up at all, but go to other types of breathing exercises and feel healthy, full of energy and energy even during pregnancy.

What should I do during pregnancy if exercise is contra-indicated in bodyflex?

Surprisingly, there are not so many options. For example, enroll in yoga for pregnant women. We strongly recommend conducting yoga classes under the guidance of a competent instructor, since it is usually very difficult to master the measured breathing in combination with asanas. Yoga for pregnant women is a great alternative to bodyflex, as this kind of gymnastics helps to improve the psychological and emotional background of a pregnant woman, learn to relax and calm down in stressful situations, gain inner harmony, strength and self-confidence.

The yoga complex for pregnant women, as a rule, is divided, depending on the line of pregnancy and duration of studies.

Another great way to replace bodyflex is to do oxygen gymnastics called Oxias. Breathing in this system is performed without aggressive retraction of the abdomen and completely excludes the impact of the abdominal wall and diaphragm on the uterus. In order to master this system, it is enough to breathe a full chest and distribute the air with the help of the pelvis clamp and pulling the buttocks.

Another nice bonus - Oxyaise does not contain in its complex exercises, which involve twisting and static tension of the abdominal muscles. The only thing you should take into account is to measure the effort when you perform static exercises during training and try not to strain your crotch. Remember that pregnant women are categorically contraindicated stretch marks, especially from the prone position on the abdomen, however it is quite safe to perform lying on their side.

Complex exercises Oksayz for pregnant women can be found on the Internet, download and practice at least every day.

Well, in conclusion, another alternative way of replacing workouts for bodyfax can be swimming. The fact is, training in the water is not just an excellent physical load and working out all muscle groups, but also one of the most natural ways of hardening, which means that it is possible to conduct pregnancy in a sound mind and harmony.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to replace bodyfight training. Therefore, get upset and throw a sport in any case is not worth it. We hope that our recommendations will help you choose the alternative method that will suit you as much as possible, and you will be healthy, beautiful, full of energy, energy, desire to live and enjoy every moment of life.

Remember that regular physical or breathing exercises during pregnancy guarantee you weight control, well-being and confidence that you will cope with everything.

With all my heart we wish you a happy pregnancy and easy delivery!

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