Botox during pregnancy

Can I stab Botox during pregnancy?

How does botox work?

It's no secret that over the years even a good and high-quality cream becomes ineffective. For this reason, ladies and begin to look for a more effective means to combat aging. Beauty injections are a fairly effective procedure, popular with women, giving special importance to their appearance.

The principle of Botox is to inject a small concentration of botulinum toxin into the skin, block the nerve endings of the muscles and, as a result, achieve the effect of smoothing wrinkles without surgery. At the same time, the skin is tightened, and the mimic "wrinkles" become almost invisible. As a rule, the effect of such injections persists for 3-4 months. They have established themselves as a modern means of combating age-related manifestations, so they are used by women regularly. Another extra "plus" Botox - the ability to get rid of migraines. This effect after applying pricks of beauty ascertain a lot of ladies. It should be noted that the external application of botulinum toxin is not effective.

Botox and pregnancy: science research

Today in the world there is a massive demand for injections of beauty among the "weak" half of humanity. Nevertheless, the authentic influence of Botox on the pregnant woman and the future child has not been finally studied. In this regard, there are different opinions and assessments of experts. Some of them believe that it is impossible to compare the positive and negative effects of beauty injections, since there is always a high risk of side effects. It is about the effect on the fetus. Other experts believe that botox and pregnancy are completely compatible concepts. They explain this with a minimal dose of botulinum toxin, which is administered to a woman, and they are sure that there can not be a systemic effect on the organism of the future mother and her baby.

It should be mentioned the scientific studies of botox, which were conducted on pregnant rats and rabbits in Italy. The result of experiments at the National Institute of Neurobiology was the confirmation that large doses of beauty injections can cause sudden abortions, malformations of the fetus, delayed growth of the bone system, insufficient fetal weight gain.

Of course, the results of scientific research can not be evidence of harm to beauty injections for the human fetus. But today, manufacturers and developers of Botox can not afford to risk the health of women, so do not conduct among them research related to this drug and pregnancy. And this is understandable, because injections of Botox to a pregnant woman are already a threat to her child's life.

Beauty or health of the baby?

Doctors believe that the entire responsibility for the health of the baby lies with the future mother. Therefore, she should be aware of the fact that the normal development of the child is a priority. It should be remembered that the injections of beauty during the bearing of the baby can cause weakness, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, allergies, dizziness. These effects are rare side effects of Botox, and during pregnancy their manifestations are fully possible.

That's why obstetrician-gynecologists and cosmetologists warn from Botox even those pregnant women who already had experience of such injections before their interesting situation. If the future mother decided that injections of botox to her are extremely necessary, then she should consult with the baby's dad, her treating gynecologist and thoroughly weigh the pros and cons. In the end, the pregnancy lasts only 9 months, and beauty can wait.

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