Braces during pregnancy

Can I wear braces during pregnancy?

On the one hand, a pregnant woman has more free time available than before conception. Furthermore, she spends less time in places of a large crowd of people, and, therefore, the degree of embarrassment due to wearing braces will be less. This means that during pregnancy, a woman theoretically has more opportunities to correct bite with braces.

Orthodontic treatment corrects the geometry of the location of the teeth. The terms of such treatment range from six months to one year, depending on the complexity of each case.

To wear braces during pregnancy or not?

Until recently, orthodontists argued that wearing braces during pregnancy is strictly prohibited. To date, opinions on this subject vary from doctor to doctor. The fact is that new materials and new systems have appeared in dentistry, new technologies have been applied, which facilitate and the process of treatment, and shorten its terms. Proponents of wearing braces during pregnancy argue that with competent therapy with drugs containing a sufficient amount of calcium, as well as with a balanced diet, braces can not damage the teeth of a future mother.

But, as it turned out, there is an opposite opinion. Doctors with a great practical experience of communicating with pregnant patients still advise to think whether they should wear braces during pregnancy. So is there a connection between braces and pregnancy?

As it turned out, these two concepts are quite closely related. Orthodontists explain that during the treatment with the help of braces there is a reconstruction of the bone tissue of the woman in the area of ??the movement of the teeth. In order for this movement to become possible, the bone must become, speaking medical language, "passable", that is, soften. But the pregnant woman is already changing the composition of bone tissue, and the reason for this - the hormonal changes caused by this most interesting situation. Moreover, the baby "takes" from the mother microelements, including calcium. It turns out that the bone tissue of the future mother and so "is untenable," and on it with the help of brackets is additionally assigned to the load. Most orthodontists who are against wearing braces during pregnancy argue that such a situation may threaten the loss of control over the treatment process.

Another reason why it is not advisable to wear braces during the bearing of a baby is various complications of pregnancy. In fact in that case the woman can not come on reception to the orthodontist in precisely appointed day, and this is an important point of treatment, because the process must be under the strict supervision of a doctor.

Wearing braces during pregnancy

Orthodontic treatment, unlike pregnancy, is always a planned process. If the woman decided to wear braces during pregnancy, she should know the following:

  • to perform a full sanation of the oral cavity (cure the sick teeth and remove those that interfere with the correction of the bite) pregnancy;
  • It is also necessary to make an x-ray examination before conception, since then such a method is strictly forbidden;
  • it is better to install the bracket system also before the "interesting position" because during the period of habituation a pregnant woman (already experiencing discomfort and irritation) will experience strong unpleasant sensations;
  • During the wearing of braces, the pregnant woman must observe the impeccable cleanliness of the oral cavity. Brushes for cleaning teeth will not be enough. It is necessary to use brushes, dental floss, elixirs. And clean the surface of the teeth will not, as usual, 2 times a day, and after each meal. This will help to avoid the formation of caries and gingivitis (inflammatory diseases of the gums);
  • in no case can not ignore the planned visits to an orthodontist;
  • it is necessary to follow a special diet, which involves an increased intake of calcium-containing foods.

If the pregnancy occurred during treatment with a bracket system

It also happens that the woman started treatment and did not plan a pregnancy. But the conception still happened. What to do then? The answer to this question will be individual for each woman. After all, only a doctor will be able to assess the condition of the teeth and the health of women in general. Also, whether the braces are removed or left depends on what stage of treatment the future mother is and what is the length of her pregnancy. As a rule, the doctor does not take off the braces when he learns about the pregnancy of his patient, but adjusts the treatment plan. In some cases, you will have to wear braces for longer than planned. If a woman has a deficiency of calcium in the body, and her teeth become very crumbly, then, perhaps, the braces will have to be removed. But many experts do not advise it, because the results can be, they said, simply unpredictable. Those doctors who still decide to remove the braces, set the woman retentive mouthguards. This will "preserve" the situation in the mouth. And continue treatment in the postpartum period.

But, no matter how it was, there is nothing impossible. If you correctly organize the treatment process, if the woman who carries the baby is responsible for her own health, if she tunes to a positive result, the outcome will be the best - a happy mother with a beautiful even smile.

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