Breast after birth

How to restore and tighten the breast after birth

But one desire for breast maintenance in the form after delivery will be unambiguously small. This does not mean that it is worth to give up breastfeeding - physiologists have already proved, that it does not fundamentally affect breast changes after pregnancy and lactation. And it is influenced by very different factors, in the first place - the woman's concern for her decollete.

The female breast is about a quarter full of fatty tissue and three quarters - glandular. The glandular segments (up to 20 pieces) are intended for the production of milk. In the process of puberty, under the influence of hormones, glandular lobules grow and develop. And by the age of 20-23, the breast has already acquired the final form and size. But pregnancy greatly affects the mammary gland: at this time the breast is preparing for lactation. During pregnancy, the uterine lobules are "prepared" for milk supply, during lactation they take an active part in this, and after the cessation of feeding they decrease and return to their original state. In rare cases, they become somewhat smaller than the prenatal size. Breasts, respectively, undergo significant changes. And if you do not take a set of certain actions, then after the birth and feeding of the baby the old form of returning the breasts can be very difficult.

How to restore the breast after birth

The first and one of the main steps for maintaining a beautiful breast after birth is weight control. Without paying attention to changes in weight, we thereby increase the risk of meeting stretch marks. During pregnancy, a woman should not get more than 8-10 kilograms.

If weight can not be maintained, we resort to exercises to strengthen the bust, and even to cold water. Basically, exercise to strengthen the bust is not superfluous to do even before pregnancy - so we will have more chances to avoid problems with breast changes after childbirth. Cold water, in turn, strengthens and tones up the skin, improves blood circulation, makes the blood vessels and fibers of the breast tissues more elastic and elastic. After a regular contrasting shower, we will rub the breast with a towel so that not only the blood circulation improves, but also the nipples are prepared for feeding the baby.

Important for the condition of the skin of the breast during pregnancy and after childbirth is proper nutrition. In the critical period of gestation and feeding the baby needs to take vitamins and minerals - their lack will necessarily provide us with problems with the skin condition. Undoubtedly in the diet should be present cereals (they will ensure the intake of necessary B vitamins into the body); fresh vegetables and fruits, berries (a source of vitamins of group C); liver, eggs, cottage cheese, carrots (contain vitamin A). In turn, milk, sour-milk products will support the necessary level of calcium in the body; meat, cereals and pulses will provide the presence of iron; fish - fluoride. Do not refuse from tomatoes and bananas - they are a source of valuable for the body of a woman's potassium.


In order to avoid stretch marks on the chest, you can resort to the help of special creams. If you start using them even in the early stages of pregnancy and throughout the whole process of feeding, they can be quite effective. The composition of these creams includes a variety of natural ingredients: extracts, oils that have a tonic effect and increase the elasticity of the skin.

If the breasts require a brach or there are prerequisites for the fact that it is needed (and pregnancy and breastfeeding are just such a factor), then the breast cream should be bought with high quality, with expensive active substances - only in In this case, you can expect something more than just moisturizing the top layer of the skin.

And in combination with massage creams are able to provide effective protection from stretch marks.

Special attention will be given to underwear. So, we choose bras, which will evenly hold the load of the increased bust. It is advisable to choose cotton bras, with wide straps and back. The edge of the cups should cover the whole breast, not just its lower part.

It is recommended that you even sleep in the bra to prevent breasts from sagging. But in this case, the bra must certainly be soft (without pips and fasteners), comfortable, cotton: it is good to use special tops for this purpose.


After the birth of a healthy and strong baby, we continue to pay proper attention to the breast, but with several amendments. So, the contrast shower during lactation is excluded - the breast can not be supercooled. But the necessary, just-necessary will be gentle manual massage of the mammary glands. With its help, we not only massage the breast with stagnant milk (which, by the way, is fraught with mastitis), but also improve blood circulation, thereby strengthening the chest.

Also important is the process of feeding the baby. We choose the optimal posture, for example, on the side with a pillow under the elbow. Thus, the breast is less on weight, respectively, the skin is less stretched. It also stretches the skin by manual pumping, so it should be discarded if possible (with breast pumps you can use it). We make sure that in both breasts an approximately equal amount of milk is maintained. To do this, the baby is applied alternately - then to one breast, then to the next in turn.

Also do not forget about gymnastics, but only without the use of cargo. Finding time to practice with the baby is not easy, but the exercises aimed at restoring and supporting the breast will not take you much:

  1. Standing straight, "at the seams", make circular motions with shoulders : first forward, then backward. Take care not to tilt your head.
  2. Repeat the previous exercise, swinging outstretched hands in a circle: forward, then back, then in different directions (right hand forward, left hand back and vice versa).
  3. Fold your arms in front of your chest, vertically resting your palm to your palm (as for prayer). The elbows should be set apart so that they are on the same level and form an even line. Now, with strength, rest your palms against each other, hold them in tension for a few seconds and relax again. Repeat this exercise several dozen times.
  4. Stand near the wall and make push-ups from it.
  5. Stand near the wall, lean against it with your hands at the chest level and with effort push on the wall, trying to "move" it.
  6. Stand straight, not bending your back. Fold your hands in the lock behind the buttocks and lift them from the rear up as high as you can while keeping the body even! Count to 10, then try to raise your hands even higher (as far as possible) and again count to 10.

Perform at least one exercise daily or several times a day, or even better regularly repeat a set of several such exercises.

And always watch your posture!

After the end of the process of feeding the baby, the breast, in principle, should return to the previous parameters. If there are still claims to the forms, we continue to care for the bust. You can, for example, resort to the services of beauty salons: baths with sea water, vacuum-vibro- and other masseurs. Or we seek help for lifting procedures - they will help restore skin tone. Means for lifting are made on the basis of sea products; in the form of masks are superimposed on the skin of the chest in the decollete zone. With the regular conduct of appropriate procedures, the means for lifting will saturate the body with minerals and help remove excess tissue fluid. Lemon, orange and cucumber juice acts well on the skin of the breast. Slices of these products we cover the neck and neck area. In addition, we wash the skin with decoctions of green tea, dog rose, chamomile, mint.

If, during lactation, the contrast shower was contraindicated to us, then after completing breastfeeding, the temperature change will only go to our breast for good. In addition to procedures with a contrast shower, wipe the skin with pieces of ice - all the same frozen broths of herbs. And after rubbing the skin of the breast with your fingertips with circular motions or with the edge of the palm.

And again, remember: physical education and once again physical training. After the termination of breastfeeding, the intensity of exercise can be gradually increased. By slightly complicating the exercises and increasing the load. If we need a faster effect, we combine "home" gymnastic sessions with classes in the gym. Exclusively useful in this period will be swimming.

In order to keep the breast beautiful after birth, the very first and most important is the desire of the owner of the breast. With a correct and reasonable approach to the solution of this question, a happy mother is provided with a positive result.

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