Breast during pregnancy

How does breast change during pregnancy
  • increase in volume, up to several sizes (most occurs in the first 10 weeks and at the end of pregnancy);
  • exacerbation of sensitivity and soreness (there may be a feeling of numbness or tingling in the chest);
  • darkening of the nipples and skin around them,
  • manifestation of the venous network (darkening of the blood vessels, caused by increased blood flow in the mammary gland);
  • the appearance of colostrum - yellowish thick discharge from the chest (usually occurs in the fourth month);
  • increase in the size of nipples and nasolaxes;
  • The appearance of Montgomery's tubercles (small tubercles around the nipple).

Recommendations for breast care during pregnancy

  1. First of all, take care of the right bra, which will support the breast well, and at the same time not will put pressure on her. Such a bra should be on wide straps, with an adjustable clasp on the back and without pits. It is recommended to use exclusively special quality linen for pregnant women, correctly pick up which will help you store consultant or pharmacy.
  2. In order to avoid getting colostrum on the underwear, use the special tabs for the brassiere. By the way, such tabs will be useful to you and during breastfeeding.
  3. Temper the breast with a daily contrast shower and gentle wiping with a washcloth (circular motions from areolas, without touching the nipples, to the base of the breast).
  4. Strengthen the nipple skin to avoid cracks during feeding. This is also suitable for a contrast shower. Do not succumb to advice and irritate by any method of the nipple (for example, to put bra into hard pieces of tissue or massage nipples with a terry towel). Any stimulation of the nipples can lead to a reduction in the musculature of the uterus.
  5. In order to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the chest, caused by a sharp increase in it, you can do a light massage with almond oil right after water procedures. In addition, you can use a special cream against stretch marks.
  6. If you are concerned about some, in your opinion, strange changes in the breast, then do not hesitate to contact a mammologist for advice.
  7. Do not neglect the school for expectant mothers, where they will tell you how to breastfeed and how to take care after delivery.

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