Breastfeeding and pregnancy

Can I breastfeed during pregnancy?

Purely from the physiological point of view, the conception of the second child should ideally take place not earlier than a few months after the complete cessation of breastfeeding of the first child (and not earlier than two years after the birth). But if it so happened that you feed your baby and are pregnant again, do not despair. All that needs to be done is to understand that both children are still too young and need you, your attention, affection, love and in the same way - in your chest to the same extent. And you must provide them with all this, not depriving anyone.

In most cases, the onset of pregnancy is not a contraindication to breastfeeding. If the conception of the second baby occurred soon after the birth of the first, then consider that you have twins. At the time of the second birth, the difference between children will not be so great as to take drastic measures. In addition, mother's milk is very necessary for a premature baby or in the case of his health problems. So, calmly continue to feed, but take into account some tips and recommendations.

Now you must take care of yourself with special responsibility. A full-fledged variety of food is needed as never before! This is the golden rule now, which in no case can not be violated. Thoroughly think over your diet, so that the born and conceived baby simultaneously get everything they need. Most likely, you have to drink multivitamin supplements - talk to your doctor about it. It is extremely important that you receive all the necessary vitamins and trace elements and do not suffer from a deficiency of nutrients, especially calcium. And because the organism primarily distributes them between the growing fetus and the formation of milk, you do not have much left. In addition, to create the necessary amount of milk should drink enough liquid. Yes, and feeding, no matter how, but still dehydrates the mother's body.

No less important for you now full of rest. If at the first pregnancy you did not have this opportunity and no one helped you, now it is not negotiated - provide yourself with a comfortable quiet regime with the possibility of restoring and resting at the first necessity. But do not be afraid to wear crumbs on your hands - the body will get used to the gradually increasing load (if, of course, there are no medical contraindications to this). True, you will gradually learn how to wear it on your side or in a sling, for example. Let the rest of the family, when possible, take the baby in your arms instead of you. But it is impossible to deprive the child of this at all. When it will be difficult to run around with a child - sit down with him, take him in your arms when you sit.

If you are breastfeeding the whole pregnancy, special attention should be paid to putting the baby to the breast. First, the breast often becomes painful and hypersensitive. And secondly, the child at this time because of the increased nipples can change the capture of the breast. So this process will have to be monitored every time.

It happens that under the influence of hormones, the quantity and quality of breast milk varies, which the baby may not like. And then he himself refuses his mother's breast. But there are also cases when the child must be weaned from the breast.

When it is necessary to stop breastfeeding during pregnancy

  1. When a pregnant mother has severe toxicosis. It is extremely rare, but still it happens that the baby begins to experience the same sensations that the mother: it makes you sick, sometimes even vomiting. In this case, it is necessary to stop breastfeeding.
  2. Rapid weight loss by the mother is also a serious reason. The reasons for this may be different. Everything must be agreed with the doctor.
  3. In case of the threat of premature birth, it is better to wean the baby from the breast, especially when maternity has already had miscarriages. It is believed that when breastfeeding, the hormone oxytocin is released, which stimulates uterine contraction. Although most women who are nursing before the end of pregnancy, the stimulation of the nipples by sucking does not cause childbirth. However, statistics show that nursing mothers mostly give birth before the term. So in the third trimester, you often have to stop breastfeeding.
  4. If the older child has already started weaning or has reached the age when it can and should be done. The second pregnancy will accelerate the event, and everything will go in a natural way. Try to finish breastfeeding for 1, 5-2 months before childbirth, so that changes do not pile on the child at once and that's it. At the same time, it is very important how the mother behaves after the birth of the second crumb. Discuss with the eldest all the questions that interest him, explain that the baby is forced to breastfeed, because in another way he does not know how and he does not even have a single tooth. And each time show and prove that you love the older child as much, as before.

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