Bronchitis in pregnancy

Bronchitis in pregnancy - symptoms, treatment, prevention, possible consequences

As a rule, bronchitis overtakes a pregnant woman in the spring or autumn - when the weather is damp and unstable, and through the air from person to person, disease-provoking viruses are easily transmitted. Most often the future mother meets with acute, or primary bronchitis. Symptoms of it become a runny nose and cough - at first insignificant, but with every day intensifying, often dry, without separation of phlegm. Bronchitis can be accompanied by fever, pain in the airway, weakness and malaise.

With proper and timely treatment of bronchitis is not a danger to the baby, and also does not affect the course of pregnancy. And to treat bronchitis pregnant is necessary, otherwise the consequences can be very unpleasant. Besides, that bronchitis is accompanied by a painful cough and shortness of breath for a future mother, it is also potentially dangerous for the fetus. So, if you do not start to treat bronchitis on time, there is a danger of the disease becoming more serious: in this case, intrauterine infection of the baby is possible. Also, due to the fact that with suffocating coughing, bronchi and lungs are not sufficiently ventilated, the baby is poorly supplied with oxygen, and this is fraught with development in the fetus of hypoxia. In addition, because during the cough the abdominal muscles are constantly contracting, it can result in uterine bleeding. Therefore, if there are already the first and not very serious signs of bronchitis, one should immediately start appropriate treatment.

The first thing that a pregnant woman needs, a patient with bronchitis is a copious warm drink. It should be tea with raspberries or honey and lemon, warm milk with butter and honey (or soda), decoctions of thyme or mother-and-stepmother. To help quickly "banish" viruses from the body, and also provide pregnant with vitamins, help apples, onions and garlic. If the cough is dry and phlegm does not occur, the doctor may prescribe expectorant and mucolytic agents: bromhexine, mucaltin, a mixture of thermopsis, inhalations using camphor essential oils, thyme, thyme. A good auxiliary tool for bronchitis will be local heating with the help of mustard plasters, cans. According to the indications during pregnancy, some of the antibiotics are allowed - if there is a threat of infection of the fetus. Such antibiotics can be penicillin, cephalosporins, amoxicillin. In each individual case, the duration of antibiotic use and the dose is set by the physician individually. And it is advisable to take antibiotics only after proper consultation with a doctor and strictly according to the instructions.

There are many recipes in folk medicine that help cure bronchitis. This is the radish with honey, and the powder of the althea root, and a tincture of garlic with lemons. Folk remedies are the safest, but not always effective for complete disposal of bronchitis, and, nevertheless, they should not be neglected.

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