But-sleep during pregnancy

But-shpa at pregnancy - the instruction on application, contra-indications and responses

But-spa is an antispasmodic. In everyday life, we are accustomed to save her from various pains: headache, dental, menstrual, any abdominal pain. During pregnancy, there is another reason to resort to tablets: the tone of the uterus. But, as it turns out, the tone of tonus is different. And not always this condition requires additional medical measures. In general, perhaps, nowhere else in the world so hard to treat the tone, like we do. The smallest tension in the lower abdomen - and a woman frightened to death is locked in a hospital and receives very unwanted drugs during this period. Of course, the tone of the uterus is a serious thing and you should not joke about it. However, it is often painful for us to be reinsured - just in case.

If a woman really has problems, she should feel this tone. Constant aching or drawing pain, perhaps even with bloody discharge, the uterus is firm and tense. When you are "pricked" or pulled when trying to stand up or turn sharply - it's not scary. A deep breath in and out - and you're fine. Nerves, haste, fatigue can also lead the uterus to a short-term tone that passes after rest or soothing. Therefore, come to the examination in the women's consultation, calm down and rest before you enter the office. It is also not worthwhile to try to probe the uterus before visiting a doctor - all this can lead to incorrect conclusions of the gynecologist. Note that short-term episodic tonus is also necessary as preparation for childbirth. Especially such training fights are increasing by the end of the period, when with their help, including, the stomach begins to fall.

But, of course, it happens that the uterus is really too active, and medical intervention is necessary. In such cases, it is permissible to use No-shps as well. However, you should know how and when you can drink these pills. But-shpu is prescribed mainly in the early stages of pregnancy to relax the uterine muscles with the threat of miscarriage. It lowers the tone of the smooth muscles of the internal organs, reduces their motor activity, moderately dilates the blood vessels and thus eliminates the increased muscle tone of the muscle. But along with this, the drug also helps to relax (open) the cervix. Therefore, in the second and third trimester, he is appointed extremely cautiously, except before the birth itself, when there is a need for it.

Keep in mind that No-shpa is still a cure. Many women are recommended to carry it with them just in case. But take the pill should only in case of emergency, resorting to them as an ambulance before contacting a doctor. Clinical studies show that No-shpa does not have a harmful effect on the fetus. However, there is also information that Western doctors proved the opposite: allegedly there is a connection between the adoption of a woman No-shpy during pregnancy and the delay in the development of the speech apparatus in the child afterwards. Therefore, in Europe it has been forbidden for pregnant women for several years now. Whatever it was, but in the instruction to our domestic No-shpe it appears that it should be used with caution when it is pregnant. This is for sure!

As with any other medicine, you need to resort to No-shpa only in extreme cases. You never know what, and you can get to the point where the uterus will relax and not "want to" give birth. So the main thing is not to overdo it. And take the drug only on the recommendation of the treating doctor and under his supervision. After all, he also has contraindications and side effects.

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