Calcemin during pregnancy

Calcemin during pregnancy - instructions for use, contra-indications and reviews

Let's say right away, that very many pregnant women in the period of gestation are prescribed additional calcium preparations. Another thing is that not all take prescribed medications, and, perhaps, sometimes are right. But if you reject one of them, then you need to find another, alternative. Let's look at Calcemin.

In the indications for the drug, pregnancy appears. That is, it can be said that Calcemin is also developed for its reception in the period of gestation. However, only according to the testimony: it is written in the instructions. No need for independent activity. After all, the drug has contraindications (pay attention to them!), And it can also cause a number of side effects: nausea, vomiting, hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria, flatulence, allergic reactions.

Here I would stop in more detail. Like virtually all vitamins and mineral-vitamin complexes offered by pharmacists in the domestic market, these are also synthetic. I do not want to take the right to judge how harmful or useful it is for a pregnant woman and especially a future baby. Moreover, calcium at this time is needed without fail (if there are no contraindications, of course). But personally I would recommend looking for an alternative to domestic synthetic drugs. From personal experience I can say that this is very real on children. But if there is no possibility to take natural calcium in the form of a food additive without synthetic stabilizers and preservatives, then from the two evils one should choose the best, as they say. In any case, you, of course, must first of all trust your doctor.

So, back to Calcemin. If everyone is satisfied with everything (from those drugs that are in our pharmacies, this is really good - in comparison), then your doctor should prescribe dosage and the course of taking this drug. Usually pregnant women are prescribed 2 tablets of Calcemin per day, which should be taken with food and preferably washed down with a milk drink (pregnant women often choose kefir or yogurt). The drug is prescribed from the 20th week of pregnancy.

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