Can a virgin get pregnant

Can a virgin become pregnant?

Virgin - who is this?

Traditionally, virgins were called girls who did not have sexual contact with a man. Furthermore, when visually examined, the gynecologist determines the presence of the hymen, which covers the entrance to the vagina. As a rule, at the first sexual intercourse the hymen is broken or stretched. Thus, previously it was believed that the loss of virginity and possible pregnancy can only be with vaginal penetration and full sexual contact.

Can I get pregnant as a virgin?

For the sake of justice, we note that if our grandmothers and mothers were sure that virgins can not become pregnant in any way, then in a modern society, this myth has been dispelled for a long time. The fact is that in the presence of menstruation and full-fledged puberty, the pregnancy of a girl who is a virgin can occur without vaginal penetration. It's not a secret to anybody, that many young couples practice petting - weasels using genitals, but without deep penetration. And if you take into account the fact that male sperm can easily seep through the hymen, hitting the girl's vagina, it becomes clear that pregnancy can occur without full sexual intercourse. Sperm sperm can penetrate into the uterus as a result of petting and ejaculation directly to the female genital organs or even in proximity to them. Therefore, couples who practice such kinds of sex, also should take care of contraception, in order to avoid the onset of unwanted pregnancy.

Moreover, after the first sexual intercourse, even if a complete rupture of the hymen has not occurred, pregnancy can still occur. So do not believe friends or acquaintances, who claim that after the first time you can not conceive.

How will virgins be protected?

As a rule, for the first sexual intercourse, girls and boys use barrier contraception - a condom. This is the most accessible and easy-to-use way to avoid unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

The second means that girls often use are non-hormonal contraceptives: fresh and spermicides. These funds are aimed at immobilization and destruction of spermatozoa and are available in the form of creams, a candle or jelly. Contraceptive means are introduced right before the sexual intercourse in the woman's vagina. Note, that these protective agents are quite effective in terms of preventing unwanted pregnancies and are less effective in protecting against sexual infections.

The third method of prevention - the use of oral contraceptives, but here you should first consult with a gynecologist. The fact is that these drugs are prescribed only after a complete examination and the delivery of a hormonal blood test. Independently appointing birth control pills in no case it is impossible - it threatens with unpleasant consequences.

Summing up our conversation today, we note - the myth that a virgin can not conceive, completely dispelled, and this statement of doctors. Therefore, if you want to avoid the sad consequences of a sexual debut, then take care of contraceptives.

And in conclusion: answering the question, can a virgin become pregnant, we say with firm confidence "yes."

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