Can I choose the sex of the child with IVF

Can I choose the sex of the child with IVF?

We all know that the birth of a boy or a girl depends on what genetic material gets into the egg from the sperm. Let's remember the school curriculum of human anatomy. The female egg contains X-chromosomes, and the male spermatozoa X and Y-chromosomes. When a fusion of two female chromosomes occurs, a girl is born. If the male chromosome joins the female chromosome, then a boy appears in the light.

Genetic information is laid in the early stages of fetal development, which determines the birth of a child of a particular sex. At the same time, initially all embryos carry female sexual characteristics, and after differentiation of sex, the fetus acquires characteristic organs for the boy or girl.

Choose the sex of the child with IVF is real, because in this case, the fertilization occurs outside the uterine cavity. If, during physiological conception, the embryo is formed in the fallopian tubes, then during in vitro fertilization it undergoes initial development in a "test tube". There are two methods for planning a child's sex before conception. Let's consider them in detail.

The selection of embryos without a hereditary pathology outside the uterine cavity is done through preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). The specialist studies the genetic material under a microscope, determining the sex of the future baby and selecting those embryos that do not carry hereditary pathology for the "replanting" in the uterine cavity. Fertilization of the egg in this ray is carried out in the laboratory. Considering the fact that in most cases, when embryos are in vitro fertilization, there are several, that is, the opportunity to choose the one that is needed. However, this procedure requires considerable financial costs, so not all couples can afford it. In addition, it is rather complicated and has all the risks associated with IVF (complications after puncture, miscarriage, ovarian hyperstimulation, multiple pregnancies). In addition, the probability of getting pregnant after the first session is only 45%. Nevertheless, PGD is the only way to date that guarantees the conception of a child of the desired sex.

Modern medicine is also a technology for planning the sex of a child called MicroSort. This is possible on the basis of techniques for measuring DNA differences. In this case, specialists can separate the spermatozoa from the Y-chromosome from spermatozoa with the X-chromosome. Selection is carried out by their size. What is the reason for this? It turns out that spermatozoa with Y-chromosome are smaller than their "colleagues" with the X-chromosome.

If you compare both data of the method of fertilization, then MicroSort is less traumatic, as fertilization in this case is carried out due to intrauterine insemination. So, about 90% of women, who wish to conceive a daughter, get the result. But the boys are more difficult - here the accuracy is about 73%. In addition, this procedure of fertilization is much cheaper. The only drawback of this technology is considered to be that today it is not used in all clinics that provide the IVF program.

Now you know that you can choose the sex of the child with IVF, but this entails significant financial costs and some risks associated with bearing a baby. Therefore, if you are ready to go through all the tests to wear a crumb of a certain sex under your heart, then it remains for us to wish you only good luck!

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