Can I decolour hair during pregnancy

Can I decolour hair during pregnancy?

Recommendations of specialists

Seeking help from specialists, an unambiguous answer can not be obtained for a number of reasons. Councils can give, as gynecologists, and hairdressers with experience who have more information about modern hair dye products. So, now many manufacturers that produce hair dyes, introduce innovative technologies and use natural ingredients that do not harm the hair and the whole body. And some of them have even a healing effect, strengthening the roots and hair structure. But a number of compounds contain chemical elements in large quantities. Experts point out that paints can not harm an adult person, but can adversely affect the development of the fetus. As practice shows, there is no scientific proof of the harm of dyeing hair. Even such substances, like peroxide or ammonia, present in many formulations, can not harm the fetus, reliably protected by the placenta. Nevertheless, doctors and hairdressers recommend refraining from aggressive hair staining during pregnancy. If there is an intolerable desire to bring your hair into a perfect, well-groomed appearance, then it is necessary to study its composition beforehand when buying a paint.

Pregnancy is a period of unpredictable reaction of the body

Products used in everyday life and hair care products during pregnancy can lead to unexpected results. Many experts argue that the paint can be poorly colored, or do not gain a foothold on the hair due to hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman. Even from the masters you can hear a refusal to hold a woman in the position of such a procedure as discoloration. It is likely that the body can respond not only to the smell of food, but also to the means for care in completely different ways. Some pregnant women experience an allergy that is transmitted later to the fetus, and some become ill, and there may be an emetic reaction to the suffocating caustic odor of the paint. But there is no definitive prohibition on staining, discoloration of hair by a pregnant woman. Moreover, the desire to look beautiful is a sign of the well-being of a future mother. To avoid any problems, it is advisable to apply to professional beauty salons and apply professional hair dyes, in which a smaller percentage of the content of chemicals.

Helpful Tips

If you want to discolor hair, it is better to carry out procedures in the second trimester, in which the fetus is already considered to be stronger. Dyes must be chosen on a natural basis, for which colorless Henna, successfully used by women at all times, is perfect. When buying paint, pay attention to its composition. There should be no chemical components in it.

It is better to choose products together with professionals who can advise on toxicity, heavy metals and other harmful substances. Experts, as a rule, know about the manufacturers, compounds and possible reactions of hair to different types of products. Many of them advise during pregnancy to do the procedure of melioration or use harmless toning shampoos. It is important that when painting the paint is not in contact with the skin, but because it is better to trust professionals.

It is necessary to abandon the paints, which contain ammonia, peroxide, although, as mentioned above, they will not do much harm. After dyeing, thoroughly wash the hair. Before proceeding with the discoloration procedure, consult a doctor. It is possible that he will advise sparing methods or will not interfere with your desires.

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