Can I do anti-cellulite massage during pregnancy

Can I do anti-cellulite massage during pregnancy?

Harm and benefit of the procedure

Practice shows that cellulite very often appears during pregnancy. But this phenomenon is considered the norm, because a woman gaining weight, limits her physical activity, and hormonal changes in this process play not the least role. Nature creates its own defense mechanisms and favorable conditions for the course of pregnancy. The appearance of subcutaneous fat and cellulite - unfortunately, one of them.

As for anti-cellulite massage during pregnancy, experts on this issue have cardinally opposite opinions. Gynecologists and therapists are sure that for such a short period future mothers should put at the head of the health of the future baby and not allow any risks. The figure, in their opinion, will wait, and it is necessary to correct it after the birth of a child. They are categorically against the sessions of anti-cellulite massage. It is also argued that during pregnancy, activities aimed at combating cellulite will be ineffective, because the hormonal background remains stable until delivery. And yet such manipulations have an active effect not only on the subcutaneous layers, but also on the body as a whole. Anti-cellulite massage in this case can cause undesirable consequences. Among them - an increase in blood pressure, increased blood flow in the vessels, increased heart rate pregnant, increased uterine tone.

Masseurs and cosmetologists do not share the opinion of doctors. And this can be understood. They believe that classical anti-cellulite massage is really not worth using when you are pregnant, but others - you can. We are talking about vacuum, honey, LPG-massage. Workers of the beauty industry are sure that it is during pregnancy that we must restrain the development of cellulite. Otherwise, the elasticity of the skin can be lost forever.

Honey anti-cellulite massage

This procedure during pregnancy is advised to do cosmetologists, because the product of beekeeping is famous for its nutritional and cleansing properties. The stickiness of the structure of honey enhances the effect of massage on the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue.

For the procedure, the product is heated, applied to the palms of the hands. They are tightly pressed to the problem areas of the skin and abruptly come off. Such manipulations are carried out with the hands moving up and down for 15 minutes. Each time the skin resistance will increase, as the honey begins to thicken and solidify. That is, the masseuse will have to apply more and more efforts for the procedure. Cosmetologists advise that during pregnancy, the honey massage is entrusted to the husband. But gynecologists remind that such honey influence increases the blood flow in the vessels - the future mother can become ill, and in general this procedure is considered stressful. If the honey is allergic to a woman, then, of course, manipulation can not be carried out.

Contraindications to an anti-cellulite massage

So, obstetrician-gynecologists are sure that the beauty industry professionals advise women for such procedures, pursuing purely commercial goals. And the consequences of increased uterine activity have to be eliminated by doctors.

It is strictly forbidden to carry out such procedures with a pregnant woman's inclination to varicose veins and thrombosis, circulatory disorders. Anti-cellulite massage is contraindicated in acute and exacerbation of chronic ailments of pelvic organs; with swelling; propensity to allergy; increased arterial pressure; the presence of moles, warts on the skin in the area of ??action. Even the creams used by masseurs in salons for such procedures contain in their composition dangerous synthetic substances.

So, beauty is important, but in the period of bearing the baby the health and comfort of the child should be the main priority.

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