Can I eat bananas after delivery

Can I eat bananas after delivery?

The use of bananas after giving birth: benefit and harm

Everyone knows that this fruit has a pleasant taste and is therefore a favorite ingredient in a variety of desserts and cakes. But newly mummified mothers are encouraged to consume fruits fresh, as during heat treatment a palpable part of the nutrients simply evaporates. First of all, a banana is a lysine storehouse. This amino acid is practically irreplaceable, since it participates in the formation of the immune system of the baby. Moreover, the substance has an antiviral effect, which helps to prevent infection with various ailments.

This does not end the properties of the exotic fruit. Due to the content of ascorbic acid, bananas strengthen bone tissues and normalize metabolic processes in the body of a woman and her crumbs. Amino acid tryptophan, in turn, improves mood and helps to establish sleep. No less important is the fact that the fruit is saturated with fiber, which is extremely necessary for the weakened body of the newly mum. The substance restores the functioning of the intestines, cleans it of dangerous toxins. In addition, bananas will be saved from constipation and diarrhea, as in the first case will have astringent effect, and in the second - a laxative.

Many women after the birth begin to actively eat, to provide the child with enough carbohydrates. It's hard to believe, but one yellow fruit is no less nutritious than a large portion of porridge. Despite the high calorie content, the fruit will help the newly mum to not gain excess weight, as it provides a long feeling of satiety. In addition, bananas are full of vitamins B, A, PP, E, K and D, which contribute to the strengthening of bone tissue, active growth of hair and nails, improve the condition of the epidermis and increase immunity. Also, the fruits contain important microelements, such as potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium.

No matter how useful bananas, they can turn into a dangerous treat. There are cases when the fruit became the cause of the strongest allergy in the baby, but fortunately this phenomenon is extremely rare. Excessive use of this product can cause the development of ailments of the cardiovascular system. You can not eat a lot of fruit and because it is fraught with obesity, because the sugar contained in them is too well absorbed.

It is necessary to remember about some contraindications. If a baby or a woman suffers from varicose veins, diabetes, thrombophlebitis, highly acidic or allergic reactions, then the sweet delicacy must be completely abandoned. Moreover, fruits should be selected scrupulously, as they are often treated with hazardous substances, which can seriously affect the health of a small baby.

When can I start eating bananas?

Before you introduce bananas into your daily diet, you need to consider a number of factors. If a woman with pleasure ate bright fruits and did not notice any negative changes in the functioning of the body, then after birth, they can safely continue to eat in moderation.

But in the case when the expectant mother refused the product during the period of bearing the baby, then the situation is slightly different. To include in the habitual menu an exotic fruit is allowed after one month after the appearance of the baby. Moreover, it is necessary to carefully monitor the state of health of the crumbs, since unfamiliar food can provoke swelling, diarrhea and other troubles.

After giving birth, it is recommended to eat only one banana per day to avoid problems with digestion. You need to choose fruits carefully. If their smell is sharp and does not give sweetness, then, most likely, the fruits were abundantly processed with harmful substances, so they should not be bought. Before use, the product should be washed out under warm water and immediately cleaned of the peel.

It is even better to bake bananas in the oven or toast in a pan. Such an unusual dish definitely will not cause even the slightest harm to the newly mummy and her child. You can also add fruit to pies, homemade desserts and cookies. But from milkshakes it is better to refuse, since such a combination is fraught with increased flatulence, stool and colic disorders.

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