Can I get pregnant

Can I get pregnant

Church about the wedding

If the future husband and wife are Orthodox Christians, it is understandable that their common desire, apart from the traditional registration in the registry office, is also to be married. After all, this way the couple wants the children born in marriage to have God's blessing. But if a woman was pregnant before the wedding? Or, for example, learned about pregnancy a few days after the ceremony?

There are different opinions of people about this. One of them is based on the fact that sex before marriage is fornication, so a woman in an interesting position can not be married. It is a sin. Others believe, that the church blessing of marriage can be obtained at any time of pregnancy and even before the birth itself. This opinion is based on the fact that the child must necessarily be born to married parents. But young people entering into marriage should listen not to people's advice, but to the opinion of the servants of the church.

Orthodox priests explain to their parishioners that the wedding ceremony is considered the teaching of the blessing of Christ to the wife and husband, the spiritual sanctification of their family life. The Church has every right to bless the legal marriage of two Christians at their mutual desire.

Orthodox priests explain that the wedding is a great sacrament of the church. Church laws say that the married life of young people must necessarily begin with the ceremony of the wedding in the church. Thus, the couple is blessed by God for a life together, for the sharing of grief and joy until the end of days.

Orthodox about special wedding events

If non-Christians enter into marriage, then the church recognizes their unenforced union as legitimate and does not consider it a sin. In this case, the marriage must be entered into the legal framework of the country of residence, and the observance of fidelity by the spouses is the basis of their union.

If in an unmarried marriage only one spouse has gained faith in God, then the church does not allow the church to destroy such a family. The believing spouse or spouse remains faithful to his half and prays for her. When both spouses believe in Christ, the church, at their mutual desire, will accept such a couple for the wedding. If the future husband and wife believe in God, they are both baptized in the church, then the wedding ceremony can be performed at any time the child carries a young woman.

The church believes that the wedding of a couple during the pregnancy of the future spouse is not a sin. After all, sin according to church canons is fornication, and pregnancy is a Divine mystery, the mystery of the phenomenon of the life of a new person.

Priests advise not to look for the causes of the spouses' troubles in the wedding of a pregnant woman. Believers always need to know that God is sending us all the sorrows and trials, the reason for everything that happens in the family is his love for us. And sorrows, illnesses, misfortunes bring Christians benefits in eternity. Therefore, it is so important not to grumble, not to seek the causes of grief and not to be indignant, but to treat what is happening with gratitude. Only then will the married couple be with God in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Features of the wedding during pregnancy

Any father will say that you can get married pregnant. The woman in the position is pure before God, for he blessed a new life in her womb. Pregnant must go to church.

As for the ceremony of the wedding in this position, the woman needs to monitor her state of health. The wedding ceremony itself lasts about an hour, and all this time the couple should stand. There are situations when a pregnant woman can become ill, for example, she may fall and rise in pressure. Then the clergyman or one of the guests moves the bench to facilitate the position of the woman. It would be superfluous to take ammonia in the church and be ready to help the pregnant woman.

In connection with such situations during the rite, it is better to get married in comfortable shoes and clothes. The outfit should not tighten the stomach, chest so that the woman breathes freely.

A prerequisite before the wedding is the confession and communion of the couple. Having decided on the church blessing of marriage, a pregnant woman should ask the Mother of God for well-being during the wedding. The priest who will perform the rite, it is necessary to warn about a woman's pregnancy.

So, a pregnant woman is not only possible, but it is necessary to get married. In this way, God blesses her with her husband and future child.

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