Can I get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy

Can I get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy?

Preparing for pregnancy after an ectopic

The main and mandatory recommendation of all gynecologists is to use contraceptives within six months after an ectopic pregnancy (WB). Oral contraceptives guarantee almost 100% result. In addition, after such a "rest" the ovaries work with redoubled force, which means that such drugs increase the chances of becoming pregnant. Most often after WB, women are prescribed combined oral contraceptives containing 20-30 ?g of ethinylestradiol. This is Novinet, Logest, Lindineth 20, Janine, Yarina. Begin taking pills from the next post-operation menstrual cycle.

It is important before the next pregnancy planning for both partners to undergo a thorough examination. After all, there are hidden infections, which can not always be identified from the first. And pathogenic bacteria always provoke in the fallopian tubes inflammatory processes, which contribute to the formation of adhesions. They also prevent the fertilized egg from moving into the uterus. Therefore, she is forced to implant in a tube, in the abdominal cavity or ovary - and then an ectopic pregnancy will reappear.

One of the stages of the examination is a test for the patency of the fallopian tubes or the remaining tube.

Accelerate conception with a single fallopian tube

First of all, a woman should eat well, be calm and believe that pregnancy will come. A healthy lifestyle and the absence of bad habits are the prerequisites for conception planning. Many women are hampered by the fear of recurrence of an unsuccessful previous pregnancy. But it is necessary to think only of the good and do everything to carry out the plan. For example, it is useful to go to the sea in the warm season, take a vacation, relax in your favorite place - in short, strengthen the body. Sometimes gynecologists prescribe for three months to drink a course of multivitamins.

In healthy women, ovulation occurs alternately in one ovary, then in another. But if after the World Bank he remains only one, then in good health, pregnancy can occur quickly, especially if the woman's age does not exceed 30 years. It is only necessary to track ovulation. Help in this test for ovulation. Such funds are similar to test strips for pregnancy. It is optimal to determine the days of possible conception by subtraction from the length of the cycle for 17 days. For example, with its duration of 28 days to be tested from 11 to 15 days of the menstrual cycle. If the test is positive, then you need to plan for conception.

Measurement of basal temperature as a way to more accurately determine the onset of ovulation is considered by many to become obsolete. But you can try. A more modern method of determining the important date is ultrasound.

So, the ovulation is determined, the coition took place. What's next? After sexual intercourse, women are advised to stand a little in the "birch" pose, so that the sperm soon finds itself in the uterus. You can just lie down quietly, relax.

Some people help the use of a sage infusion several days before the planned conception.

If a woman during a year of sexual life without contraception can not become pregnant on her own, then in this case the diagnosis is "infertility." Then the doctor can advise a woman for the procedure of in vitro fertilization. Today many couples resort to this method in vain attempts to conceive the child naturally. The disadvantage of the method is its high cost and lack of guarantee from the first. A woman can make several attempts to become pregnant artificially after inserting into her womb a fertilized egg in the laboratory. In any case, it will be a native child. The same can be a kid, which is borne by a surrogate mother. And this way of bringing a baby to the light for many infertile couples is more preferable than the adoption of someone else's child from an orphanage.

Unfortunately, predicting the onset of pregnancy after ectopic is difficult. But chances and hope are always there.

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