Can I get pregnant after menstruation? *** ***

Can I get pregnant right after the menstrual period?

To begin with, that this method of contraception can only be used by women who have a regular menstrual cycle. Only with a regular menstrual cycle are three phases: follicular, ovulatory and luteal, which successively replace each other. In the first phase, the follicle grows, from which a mature egg forms, then the ovulatory stage begins, at which the probability of becoming pregnant is high, and only after its completion the female organism creates the most favorable conditions for the implantation and development of the embryo. If fertilization does not occur, the level of sex hormones in the blood drops, which causes subsequent menstruation. Thus, it can be concluded that after the completion of the monthly cycle, the onset of pregnancy is impossible. However, to say that this method works for 100% is impossible, since in any rule exceptions are permissible. Even the "surviving" spermatozoa, which have been in the female genital tract for a long time, can become the cause of the coming pregnancy even after the ovulatory phase. As a result, fertilization is possible after the end of menstruation.

Moreover, the probability of getting pregnant after a month increases in the following cases:

  • your menstrual cycle lasts less than 21 days, which indicates the onset of ovulation in the near future after menstruation;
  • the duration of the last menstruation is more than 7 days, which indicates the maturation of the egg in the last days of menstruation;
  • an irregular menstrual cycle, when it is almost impossible to calculate the days of ovulation;
  • bleeding, not associated with menstruation and taken for the usual menstruation. Especially often occurs with various diseases of the cervix;
  • phenomena of spontaneous ovulation, when ovulation occurs at once several eggs. This phenomenon is very rare, but it still has a place to be. Based on the above, it can be concluded that only the category of women who have no problems with the menstrual cycle and other diseases of the female reproductive system. And of course, these women simply need to use this method of contraception, because of their health, other methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies are prohibited.

    Answering the question: "Can I get pregnant after menstruation?", I would like to note that an unambiguous answer simply does not exist. After all, no one with a high degree of probability will not be able to say that it is you who do not get pregnant after the month on the third, fifth or any other day. The woman's body is a complicated thing, which often "surprises". Therefore, in order not to risk, we recommend that you either pedantically record and thoroughly study your menstrual cycle, or use other methods of contraception.

    But the following facts testify to the fact that pregnancy was unlikely:

    • unprotected sexual intercourse coincided with the onset of menstruation;
    • Immediately after sexual intercourse, emergency contraception was taken;
    • after monthly all pregnancy tests are negative.

    Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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