Can I get pregnant before the monthly

Can I get pregnant before menstruation?

As a rule, with a regular stable menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Proceeding from this, many believe that after ovulation and before menstruation, the safest days for conception come. However, this rule does not work in all cases. Moreover, most doctors say that the probability of pregnancy always exists when a woman has a regular intimate affinity without contraceptives. That is why the calendar method has long been considered one of the most ineffective methods of contraception.

The fact is, that not all women have a regular menstrual cycle, so it's very difficult to calculate the exact day of ovulation. Consequently, those days that have been safe in the past menstrual cycle, in your case, may in the next become fertile for conception.

It is important to take into account also the fact that the time of ovulation in a woman can be displaced under the influence of various factors. In some cases, the menstrual cycle can pass at all without ovulation, when the egg in the cycle simply does not ripen. And various diseases can affect this "outcome" of the case: hormonal changes, colds, infections, inflammations, stress and even a banal climate change.

Also, according to many studies in the body of a woman, over a period of one menstrual cycle, more than one egg can mature. And the second egg can ripen towards the end of the menstrual cycle. Consequently, the probability of conception can exist not only in the days before the monthly, but also during them. If menstruation lasts 2-3 days, and the life span of spermatozoa in some cases reaches 6 days, sex before menstruation can lead to conception after its termination. In fairness, we note that the probability of such conception is very low, but the fact that it can not be excluded is not worth it.

A woman's body is a complicated thing, so we do not recommend trusting the calendar method for computing "safe days". If you do not plan a pregnancy, then pay attention to the variety of contraceptive methods and choose the one that suits you 100%. After all, as mentioned earlier, unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy, even if you are confident in your menstrual cycle. Remember how many times a day you have to experience stress? In public transport, at work, etc. But even the slightest stress can cause a whole "storm" of emotions and change the hormonal background in your body, which affects the menstrual cycle and can lead to an unwanted pregnancy.

Also, especially careful should be in the period of exacerbation of chronic and seasonal diseases. All diseases also seriously affect the hormonal background and it is quite real that after your flu is over, your menstrual cycle will change. The same applies to meteozavisimyh people whose health status is very often varies depending on the weather conditions.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that, that getting pregnant before the menstrual period is very real, so if you are not yet pregnant with your plans, think about contraception. If you are on the contrary, dream about a child and doubted whether you can conceive before the month, then you, as they say "green light".

In any case, remember that children should be welcome and if you are not yet ready for them, then do not try fate, calculating dubious "safe" days.

Take care of yourself!

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