Can I get pregnant by sunbathing

Can I sunbathe during pregnancy?

Is it possible to sunbathe pregnant: expert opinion

Let's start with the fact that doctors are not against the stay in the sun of expectant mothers. Moreover, in their opinion, pregnant women will tan only for the benefit, since staying in the sun stimulates the formation of an anti-cancer factor, such as vitamin D-3. And since the first trimester of pregnancy is laying the skeleton of the baby's future, staying in the sun will provide a sufficient amount of calcium and phosphorus. Thus, the sun's rays during pregnancy are simply necessary for the health of mom and baby. However, if you think that pregnant women can spend whole days lying on a sunbed and taking sun baths, then you are mistaken. On how to sunbathe pregnant, let's talk further.

Is it possible to sunbathe pregnant: safe tanning rules

It is strongly recommended that future mothers not sunbathe under direct sunlight. The best time for a healthy tan is in the morning from 11 to 12 days and in the evening from 18:00. Simply put, in the sun is to pregnant women, is strictly prohibited. After all, we all know that the sun's rays are thermal and ultraviolet radiation, which can cause burns. Therefore, harmful ultraviolet, penetrating through the upper layers of the skin, destroy collagen and accelerate the aging of the skin. In addition, it is the ultraviolet rays that cause skin pigmentation.

It is also important to remember the fact that being in the water, the skin attracts a much larger amount of ultraviolet, which can trigger a sunburn or heat stroke. Moreover, such an overdose of the sun can lead even to premature birth. Therefore, during sunbathing it is also very important to ensure an intensive drinking regime and to protect your skin with sunblock. We'll talk more about them.

Means for safe sunburn during pregnancy

When choosing sunscreen products for the skin, remember that they miss only those rays that form a tan and slightly delay the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, the degree of protection against UV rays should be the highest - 25-30. At the same time, choose dermatologically tested cosmetics and do not trust the dubious products displayed on street trays. Protective agent should be applied to all sensitive areas, including ears, nose, neck, shoulders.

After exposure to the sun and taking a shower, be sure to apply the skin after sunburn.

Summing up all of the above, we will highlight the main aspects of a proper and safe sunburn during pregnancy:

  • sunbath should be started gradually, being in the first days in the sun for no more than half an hour;
  • sunbath should be in the safest hours in the morning - up to 11 hours, and in the evening - from 18, being in the shade;
  • choosing the sunscreen, choose the highest UV-protection level;
  • apply the tanning agent 20 minutes before exposure to sunlight and periodically renew the application of the cream, especially after water procedures;
  • to avoid dehydration, drink plenty of fluids;
  • Protect your eyes with sunglasses, and your head with a panama or a hat with wide margins.

And in conclusion, if God forbid, you still sat in the sun and received a heat stroke, then remember that in this case, bed rest will help, copious drinking and medical consultation.

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