Can I get pregnant right after the menstruation? *** ***

Can I get pregnant right after the menstrual period?

Physiology of a woman

Let us recall the features of the menstrual cycle. In most women, menstrual periods are regular and repeat on average after 28 days. This period is usually divided into phases: follicular, ovulatory and luteal. Each of them has its own peculiarities of changes in the structure of the ovaries and uterus. Thus, the first phase is characterized by the growth of the follicle, from which after a while an egg is formed. This time is 14 days (with a 28-day cycle) and then the ovulatory phase begins. It is the fertile period for conception. The second phase lasts 1-2 days, and at this time a mature egg leaves the ovary, it is ready to meet with the sperm for fertilization. If this happens, then the third phase comes: The ovum is introduced into the endometrium of the uterus, that is, it is attached to the uterus. When fertilization did not take place, the egg leaves with uterine bleeding, menstruation.

What are the chances of getting pregnant after menstruation?

In most cases, immediately after the menstruation can not become pregnant. This is theoretical, because ovulation has not yet occurred, and entered into the vagina sperm actually has nothing to fertilize. But there are situations when sperm and entered into the vagina sperm virtually nothing to fertilize. But there are situations when sperm and entered into the vagina sperm virtually nothing to fertilize. But there are situations when spermOzoids have a high activity, that is, survivability. Such spermatozoa can remain in the vagina for several days before the release of the ovum (onset of ovulation) and maintain their ability to fertilize. This is rather an exception to the rules, not the rule.

Another exception is the very short menstrual cycle of a woman, that is, 21 days or less. There are not many such women, and yet they are very much at risk of pregnancy after menstruation with unprotected sexual intercourse. After all, ovulation in them, as a rule, occurs immediately after the completion of menstruation.

The chances of getting pregnant after menstruation are also those women who have too long menstruation - 7 days or more, then the egg begins to ripen already during menstruation.

A separate conversation about women, not leading a regular sex life. Such ladies are also at risk of getting pregnant after menstruation. Why? The fact that ovulation in women can occur with a strong excitement, that is unscheduled. It happens with a rare intimate relationship, when a woman experiences a strong orgasm. In this case, the mature egg leaves the follicle not according to the schedule, but at the time of the sexual peak. And then the only unprotected sexual intercourse entails the onset of pregnancy even immediately after menstruation. So it happens with those women who have remained faithful to their men and have long been with him in separation. Sex after a long break has a lot of chances to end with an unplanned pregnancy.

So, the calendar method of contraception, which is based on the calculation of "dangerous" and "safe" days for the onset of pregnancy, not always "works". It can only be used by women who have a stable and regular monthly cycle. But they are at risk for irregular sexual life.

All women should be very attentive to their health and remember that pregnancy should be planned, that the coveted children are more successful and happy in life. Do not forget that abortion, even at early stages, is fraught with negative consequences.

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