Can I get pregnant the first time

Can I get pregnant the first time or not?

A girl can become pregnant

In life, girls become pregnant at the first occurrence as often as with 10, 20. The answer to this question can not be unambiguous if the girl is mature and healthy . When in a young female body there are pathologies, pregnancy does not occur. But do everyone know about them? As a rule, they let know about themselves with the onset of sexual activity, or even later, when a woman consciously wants to have a child, which she can not.

For pregnancy, the girl, between her and the partner must have an unprotected sexual intercourse. I.e, sex with the ingress of sperm into the vagina. If, at the same time, there are favorable conditions in the female body (ovulation), then the egg is fertilized and pregnancy occurs. By the way, a girl can get pregnant even a month before the onset of the first menstruation (remember the cases when after the rape gave birth to very young girls 9-12 years old, who also had no monthly).

Therefore, you need to be extremely cautious adolescent girls, who practically do not yet know what menstruation is. Often the work and development of the reproductive system begins after the first sexual intercourse. And here it is not superfluous to recall the infections that are transmitted sexually.

Female physiology about the onset of pregnancy

All women with a steady menstrual cycle are capable of conceiving.

But you can get pregnant after the first sex under two conditions:

  1. When the sexual act was unprotected (without using contraceptives).
  2. When the woman had ovulation during the sexual intercourse, that is, the period of the exit from the ovary of a mature egg, ready for fertilization.

The period of ovulation with the 28-day cycle occurs on day 14 from the moment of its onset (the first day of menstruation).

That's why dangerous in terms of possible pregnancy are:

  • 5-6 days before ovulation. Spermatozoa have the ability to be active for several days. If the sexual act occurred before the onset of ovulation, the vagina left sperm, then it is quite possible that they will "wait" for a mature egg to fertilize it;
  • 1-2 days after ovulation, after all, the egg after the release of the ovary can live about a day.

To determine the exact days of ovulation, there are special tests, because not all women have a stable cycle and, for example, calculate the day of ovulation with a 30-32-day cycle is difficult. The test for ovulation will accurately determine the day of its onset. At this time you need to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy.

About contraception

In order not to worry about an unwanted pregnancy, girls must reliably protect themselves. Yes, it's defensive. After all, young people are not always able to think about the consequences of the "joys" of life and take care of the health of the girl. Gynecologists advise young people to use condoms. Only they are able to almost 100% protect the female body from unwanted pregnancy, and (and this is important) from sexual infections. It is the condom that should be given preference in the first sex.

The second reliable option - birth control pills or oral contraceptives. They can be used already established couples, that is, used with regular sexual relations. The reliability of this form of contraception is even higher than that of a condom, but, unfortunately, tablets are not protected from sexual infections.

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