Can I get pregnant with a condom

Can I get pregnant using a condom?

Why pregnancy occurs with a condom

Nowadays condoms are the most common means of contraception. They are simple and convenient to use, inexpensive, have no side effects.

And although they say that this tool gives 100% guarantee of protection from unwanted pregnancy, but in fact it is not. Even with the proper use of a condom, you can get pregnant. How exactly? You should know that condoms are not dimensionless. Strong stretching and friction of the condom leads to the emergence on it of small, refined strips. Through these streaks-holes active spermatozoa and can penetrate into the vagina.

Very often, these contraceptives are torn due to a lack of natural lubrication in a woman. To avoid this, it is necessary to increase the prelude time before the act of sex itself and thus contribute to the appearance of this lubricant.

Condom use rules

Compliance with simple rules will help to avoid the above problems and, as a consequence, unwanted pregnancy:

  1. Do not store condoms in your pocket, purse, or purse because the heat and humid atmosphere spoil the product.
  2. Do not open the condom package with your teeth or sharp objects, which can also damage it.
  3. Do not use condoms that have expired. When buying them at a pharmacy, pay attention to it.
  4. Wear this contraceptive during sex or at the end of intercourse, because sperm are also present in the prefamily fluid.
  5. Do not use two condoms at the same time. Their protective function does not increase from this, and the sensations are exactly dull.
  6. Do not use a reused condom. He does not protect from pregnancy and disease. Condom is a disposable contraceptive.
  7. You can not stay in a condom after intercourse. After ejaculation, the penis decreases in size and thus the sperm can go beyond the condom.
  8. Do not use lubricants that contain oil and grease. These drugs contribute to the rupture of latex, which threatens the risk of unwanted pregnancy.
  9. If during the sexual act there is a feeling that the condom is torn, then the sexual intercourse should be discontinued and the condom replaced.
  10. When different types of sexual contacts are used during sex, you should change the condom after each of them.

Alternatives to the condom

In addition to condoms, there are alternative means of contraception. Barrier - it's diaphragms, uterine caps, spirals. Their assortment today allows to select means with the help of the gynecologist individually, taking into account the price. Many women prefer oral contraceptives. In our time they no longer cause weight gain, as before. The main condition for their reliability is the timely use of tablets. Some ladies in the "dangerous" days of the cycle enjoy candles. These means of local contraception neutralize the sperm entering the vagina, and thus prevent the onset of an unwanted pregnancy.

So, do not give up condoms for a possible reason for the onset of pregnancy. It can come with another contraceptive, because 100% of the guarantee is not given by any method. Just need to properly use condoms and take into account our recommendations. With proper use condoms protect not only from pregnancy, but from diseases that are sexually transmitted. This is important for those who do not have permanent partners in intimate relationships.

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