Can I get pregnant with cervical erosion

Can I get pregnant with cervical erosion?

What is erosion?

Erosion of the cervix is ??called the location of the epithelium, which looks like a red stain around the canal opening. In other words, this is a pathological change in the mucous uterus. This disease is quite common and in most cases it is asymptomatic. Sometimes erosion is characterized by small bloody discharge. As a rule, only a doctor can examine the erosion of a woman. Erosions occur in half of the nulliparous women.

Erosion does not require much effort in treatment. But most methods of its treatment, including cauterization, leave scars on the cervix. This, as a rule, for pregnant women threatens with difficulties of opening the uterus in childbirth. After all, it stretches, and sometimes it breaks. That is why getting rid of the erosion of the nulliparous woman should be carried out by the most gentle methods, leaving no scarring.

What is it dangerous?

Doctors often under the word "erosion" understand pseudo-erosion, or ectopia. After all, real erosion is very rare. Do not worry, if you want to become pregnant with such a disease of the cervix.

As a rule, erosion is a fertile soil for the reproduction and development of various viruses that are transmitted sexually. It, according to physicians, can be the basis for malignant neoplasms. To diagnose the reasons for its appearance is quite difficult. We can only assume some reasons for its occurrence. This is the early beginning of intimate relationships, hormonal failures, decreased immunity, multiple abortions, inflammations, vaginal dysbiosis and sexually transmitted infections. Usually, the treatment of erosion begins with anti-inflammatory therapy. This is done to eliminate infectious damage.

Erosion and conception

Most doctors are of the same opinion, that the conception of erosion does not affect. If the woman only plans to become a mother, then with conception they recommend to wait. First, cure this disease, and then plan for conception. When the disease is detected during pregnancy, it is better to postpone treatment for the postpartum period.

With erosion of the cervix, a woman, of course, can become pregnant, but in this case it is necessary to monitor the condition of the cervix. Since there are small chances of the transition of erosion into cancer, you need to constantly show your gynecologist. This pathology necessarily needs treatment when its area is too large or it provokes inflammation.

Many women ask whether it is possible to get pregnant after the process of cauterization of erosion. Doctors answer this question in the affirmative if there is no oncological process. Gynecologists advise after moxibustion to become pregnant only after a year.

After treatment with a gentle cauterization of scars, as a rule, the neck does not remain. If the situation suffers and the area of ??the abnormal surface of the cervix is ??small, the erosion of a woman who wants to become pregnant should not be cured. By the way, the opinion that erosion can provoke infertility, miscarriage and other negative consequences during pregnancy, is false. This is a myth, and do not be afraid of the effects of erosion on the fetus. Judge for yourself: erosion occurs on the cervix, and the fetus is in the uterus and is protected by amniotic fluid. So there is no contact of erosion with the fetus.

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