Can I get pregnant with lubrication

Can I get pregnant from a man's lubrication?

About interrupted sexual intercourse

Today, there are many methods of contraception. One of the most reliable is the condom. But the fact is, that many couples categorically do not accept this method of contraception, as the rubber product dulls pleasure. Others talk about allergic reactions to latex, so they also do not use condoms.

Based on this, so many men and women use interrupted sexual intercourse as a method of contraception.

Let's remember the story. Once, in the days of our grandmothers, there was not such an assortment of contraceptives as in our time. Interruption of intercourse was one of the main ways to avoid pregnancy. But to ascertain the reliability of this method with confidence is impossible. After all, some men without experience do not know their organism very well, their reactions during sex may simply not be in time to interrupt the sexual act on time, that is, before ejaculation. In this case, a small part of the sperm will still fall into the vagina, and if this occurs in & bdquo; dangerous & rdquo; day, an unplanned pregnancy may occur. In addition, from the penis of a man, another fluid is also released, in which there are spermatozoa. This is the so-called male lubricant.

The reliability of interrupted sex as a method of preventing unwanted pregnancies is 73-75%. And in many respects it depends on the day of the calendar of the woman's menstrual cycle. It must also be remembered that interrupted intercourse has a bad effect on a man's health. The consequences of prolonged use of this method of contraception are manifested in adulthood. Therefore, do not interrupt sexual intercourse too often.

About the male lubricant

The lubricant is also called mucus or a cupper fluid. In scientific terms, it is called pre-ejaculate. It is a viscous mucous mass that is secreted from the penis before ejaculation. The lubrication function is to prepare the vagina for fertilization. In fact, by its nature, the female vagina has an acidic environment - it is not favorable for male sperm. Pre-ejaculate before the ejaculation neutralizes the acid of this environment. For every man, the amount of cupper fluid depends on the state of the organism, the health of his male sphere.

There are men who have not pre-ejaculate at all. Others have a large number. And, by the way, there are a few spermatozoa in this liquid. But sometimes a small number of them is enough for the onset of unwanted pregnancy. Especially if the male spermatozoa are active.

There is another kind of lubricant - "smegma". Here in it just spermatozoons are not present, and consequently from it or her to become pregnant it is impossible.

Pregnancy from lubrication

The presence of spermatozoa in the cupper fluid is proved by laboratory analyzes. But everyone knows that only one sperm is sufficient for conception. If there are several, then of course the chances of getting pregnant from male lubricants are. What is their probability? Significantly lower than normal ejaculation. But if we talk about the percentage probability, it all depends on the number of pre-ejaculate (this is not even known by a man). A healthy, active man has chances & rdquo; randomly & rdquo; to fertilize a female egg is much higher. But the probability in a particular case can only be said with expensive research in the laboratory.

So it follows from the above, that you can get pregnant from a male lubricant. Therefore, it is necessary to use more reliable methods of contraception. These are condoms and oral contraceptives.

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