Can I get pregnant with thrush

Can I get pregnant with thrush?

What is thrush

First of all, let's start with what a thrush is. This is the name of a fungal infection or vaginal candidiasis that causes yeast-like Candida fungi. Thrush can leak imperceptibly, but more often it is characterized by such symptoms: discharge from the vagina milk color with an unpleasant odor, itching in the vagina, a feeling of swelling and discomfort.

The most common causes of thrush are diseases of the genitourinary sphere, in particular venereal. Thrush is often the result of antibacterial therapy. Treated colds with antibiotics? It is possible the onset of this unpleasant disease. It can also develop against a background of low immunity and viral infections that trigger the development of thrush.

And, nevertheless, candidiasis does not provoke the dysfunction of the reproductive system. A lot of women suffer from this disease in chronic form. They also worry about whether they will be able to get pregnant with thrush? Are there any complications, if conception happens? Most doctors agree that pregnancy during thrush is possible. But this happens infrequently.

How does candidiasis prevent the onset of pregnancy?

Let's figure out why it is more difficult to conceive a child in candidiasis. The functionality of the female reproductive system depends on the acid-base balance of the vagina. If a woman is healthy, then the microflora of her vagina consists of 90% lactic acid sticks. They also create a normal acidity by the production of lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. This acidity is a protection against various infections. When there is thrush in the body, a healthy microflora is no longer functioning. The pathological fungal microflora develops with the change in the acid-base balance. This creates a suitable environment for the development of bacteria. Spermatozoa rarely survive in an alkaline environment. That is why the reduced acidity of the vagina is a hindrance to pregnancy.

How to plan a pregnancy with thrush

Probably, you do not need to remind you that the child should be desired, which means that the pregnancy needs to be planned. Therefore, it is important before going through a comprehensive examination with a gynecologist, taking tests and, if necessary, treating all existing diseases. When you identify the thrush, you need to undergo a course of therapy prescribed by the doctor, after some time, again to take tests.

If pregnancy occurs with thrush

Most women are not protected during thrush, believing that their reproductive system does not work. They are mistaken. With candidiasis, conception is possible and if this happens, then you should consult your doctor for an effective treatment. Thrush threatens not only you, but also the fetus. Her pathogen can penetrate the future child's body through the placenta, cause damage to internal organs, deviations from normal development and even fetal death! The most dangerous is the infection of the fetus Candida in the first trimester of pregnancy, which leads to miscarriages. When a baby is born infected, it weakens his already feeble body. And if an adult does not have serious thrush, then the newborn is dangerous. He has this disease manifested candidiasis stomatitis with a lesion of the mucous membrane of the mouth. Over time, the disease can develop into chronic, systemic diseases.

So, The presence in the female body of vaginal candidiasis significantly reduces the chances of becoming pregnant. If pregnancy occurs, the expectant mother should immediately consult a doctor to avoid infection of the fetus and the negative consequences of its development.

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