Can I get pregnant within a month after birth

Can I get pregnant within a month after childbirth?

When is ovulation restored?

Immediately after the birth of the baby, the woman has abundant spotting. Thus, the body gets rid of everything that the fetus needed for life in the womb of the mother. Typically, the period of such secretions is not less than 2-3 weeks, and at this time doctors forbid renewal of sexual contacts. Because the woman's body needs time, so that everything inside is healed and restored.

Doctors say that theoretically in the first weeks after childbirth, when there are excretions, a woman does not have ovulation. This process assumes that the egg leaves the follicle, and the sperm can fertilize it, resulting in a woman becoming pregnant. Without ovulation, fertilization simply does not work out. Often, women are confident that if they do not have a menstrual cycle after their birth, they can not become pregnant, because the process of ovulation in the body does not occur. We assure you, this is a profound error. Today, there are many cases where ovulation after childbirth occurred just a month after the birth of the baby, and there were no monthly ones at all.

In addition, in the practice of every literal doctor there are cases when a woman became pregnant within a month after childbirth. In such women, the body perceives delivery as the last day of menstruation and resume their work in the usual way. Therefore, if a young mother has unprotected sexual contact during this period, she will hardly be able to avoid a new pregnancy. And such a short gap between pregnancies does not lead to anything good. In the postpartum period, the young mother's body is exhausted and exhausted. All stocks of vitamins, trace elements - are exhausted, besides the woman needs a lot of energy to care for a newborn baby. If a woman who becomes pregnant a month after childbirth decides to have an abortion, then this will also have a negative impact on her health. If she feeds the baby, the process will have to be interrupted, and how abortion affects the tired body is also unknown. In any case, a pregnancy that occurs soon after birth will become a problem for a woman, and for her organism a real test, she will decide to give birth or have an abortion.

Breastfeeding is not a hindrance to a new pregnancy

Many women know that if they are breastfeeding, the body itself suppresses the occurrence of ovulation, and pregnancy does not occur. But such a method, called lactational amenorrhea, can only work if the young mother strictly adheres to certain rules. A woman needs to feed a child every three hours, and at night including. This method of contraception can be effective only in the first six months after the birth of the baby and only if the young mother did not resume the menstrual cycle.

Gynecologists assert that this method of contraception is reliable, but with the caveat: all rules must be strictly adhered to and without omissions. Therefore, often new moms do not want to use this type of contraception, explaining that you need to worry and worry all the time, whether she fed the baby enough, whether she did the right thing.

Therefore, it is necessary to take a responsible attitude to sexual life after childbirth. Gynecologists say that sexual life can not be started again before 4-8 weeks after childbirth, depending on how exactly the process of the birth of the child took place. In addition, a woman needs to undergo an examination, and only after the doctor gives "good" and selects an effective method of contraception, to start having sex. It is this approach to the situation that will be correct and rational and will help to avoid an unplanned pregnancy after childbirth.

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