Can I have sushi and rolls pregnant

Can I have sushi and rolls?

However, is it possible to eat exotic dishes for women in an interesting position? After all, this is a special time for each of the fairer sex, when future mothers scrupulously follow their nutritional diet and try not to harm themselves and the future child.

The benefits and harms of Japanese dishes during pregnancy and will be discussed. Also we will consider what kinds of Japanese "rolls" are most safe to use for future mothers.

What is the use of Japanese cuisine?

Although sushi and rolls are traditional Japanese dishes, they still occupy not the least place in our nutritious diet. We are so used to pamper ourselves with a different set of incongruous ingredients that, even expecting a baby, women can not deny themselves the pleasure and eat their favorite dish.

And whatever one may say, products that are part of almost all types of land are really useful for our body. And above all, this applies to rice and seafood - the main ingredients of Japanese cuisine. These products contain useful vitamins and trace elements, which must be present in everyone's diet.

Fish is the most valuable product for women during pregnancy, as it contains a huge amount of useful substances that are necessary for the normal development and growth of a future child. But immediately I want to note that not all types of fish products can be attributed to useful. However, about this a little later.

As for rice, groats are an indispensable product for every person. Contained in it, useful vitamins and trace elements have a beneficial effect on all systems of the human body. The fact that rice is useful in pregnancy, there is no doubt.

Sheet, in which piquant ingredients are wrapped, is called nori. A food product is produced from red algae, which, as is known, is rich in iodine. This element is very important for the normal synthesis of thyroid hormones. Therefore, the algal component of Japanese dishes is also useful to everyone, including future mothers, and their babies.

The advantage of an exotic cuisine is also that all cooked meals are dietary. And for pregnant women this is an important factor, it's not a secret that future moms are worried about their figure and extra kilograms collected in nine months. The energy value of one serving, which includes 8 rolls, an average of 500 calories. If you take into account the feeling of satiety that provides food, then the figure is quite acceptable. Probably, so many women are so fond of Japanese food. But is it possible for pregnant women to eat sushi and rolls?

Why do doctors impose a "taboo" on Japanese dishes during pregnancy?

The main reason is the presence of raw products in Japanese rolls, namely fish. Let's figure out what is the danger of this delicacy:

  • The absence of heat treatment can threaten various infections, for example, toxoplasmosis or listeriosis. In addition, there is a risk of contracting hepatitis A;
  • Invasions may be present in raw fish, and during pregnancy, treatment for parasites is difficult and dangerous;
  • Japanese dishes quickly deteriorate, so there is a risk of poisoning.

When ordering sushi and rolls, you are not always guided by the freshness of the products and the date of making the dish. Moreover, not all restaurants and cafes adhere to all sanitary and hygienic standards. Therefore, the risk of infection or poisoning is too high. And this is a convincing fact for lovers of sushi rolls during pregnancy. And then the opinion of doctors is unanimous: dishes containing raw fish are forbidden to eat for future mothers.

In addition to the raw delicacy, no less dubious components are attached to the rolls. Let's look at the threats of spicy Japanese condiments and sauces:

  • ginger can cause allergies, especially when the baby is waiting;
  • Wasabi is an acute seasoning, and doctors do not recommend eating mild meals to future mothers so that there are no problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Soy sauce, cooked according to the classic recipe, is useful for women in the position. But the product that is offered in Japanese restaurants and cafes, hardly has any value. It can not be called a dangerous seasoning, but it is also useful.

What kinds of sushi and rolls are safe for expectant mothers?

Do not forget that today sushi rolls are made from different products, therefore for pregnant women the safest will be vegetarian or those containing thermally processed fish products. But still, before a meal it is worth to consult a doctor and make sure that such dishes do not harm you.

Today, wrapping in nori can be absolutely different ingredients, so try to choose those, which you and your baby will only benefit. Of course, the best option will be sushi and rolls, prepared personally by you. Only in this way will you be absolutely sure of the freshness and quality of the products used.

If you decide to visit a Japanese restaurant, then choose hot or vegetable rolls, preferably without sharp sauces and seasonings. Thus, you can satisfy your desire and treat yourself to your favorite dish. In addition, such dietary types of sushi rolls are less caloric, which increases their usefulness.

Of course, vegetable rolls do not replace real Japanese sushi rolls with fish. But only you decide: to succumb to the temptation or wait until the child is born. Do not forget that you are not only responsible for your health and, but also for the welfare of your future baby.

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