Can I make shellac during pregnancy

Can I make shellac during pregnancy?

Manicure procedures cause a lot of controversy between pregnant women. Some believe that nothing bad can happen, others completely refuse varnishes and other means. But how is this really the case? Can even shellac harm the health of the fetus?

Shellac's advantages and disadvantages

Gel-based varnishes differ from others in consistency, texture, application and maintenance rules. It is worth to pay tribute that they are much more practical than ordinary varnishes, for a number of reasons:

  • For manicure using shellac, removal of the upper layer of the nail plate is not required. Therefore, in case you want to remove it, you do not have to spend time and money on restoring funds.
  • In recent years, the opinion has spread that under such a varnish, nails can not breathe. But this is not true. Access to oxygen can overlap exclusively with gel or acrylic.
  • A huge plus for pregnant girls is that the manicure will remain in excellent condition until a few weeks. This will eliminate the need to constantly paint your nails and breathe harmful substances that are contained in varnishes.
  • Shellac does not have formaldehyde in its composition, therefore, it does not harm the fetus and the health of the future mother at all.
  • The material allows you to translate even the most interesting ideas into life.
  • A very good solution for the procedure will be for the owners of fragile layered nails.

But in addition to the obvious advantages, there are several significant disadvantages of this procedure in pregnancy:

  • The first significant disadvantage is that shellac can not be applied without the help of a master. To do this, you need special equipment and tools, which will be very problematic for a person with an average income level.
  • In the nail service there are both real professionals and people who make manicures without having the appropriate education.after each visitor. It would seem a trifle, but even a small scratch on your fingers can become a window for infections and bacteria.
  • As during the application of shellac, and during its removal, there is a whole bunch of unpleasant odors that can cause a girl to feel nauseous or dizzy.
  • Due to changes in the body, nails can become more brittle, sensitive. For this reason, the lifetime of such a coating can be reduced.
  • This procedure differs not only in high cost, but also in the duration of the application process. During pregnancy it is not easy to be in the same position for two hours.
  • Allergies to materials are possible. This situation is very difficult to predict. In this regard, first it is better to apply shellac on one nail and check how the organism behaves.

General advice for expectant mothers

Despite the disadvantages and advantages of the procedure, it is necessary to remember some recommendations that will help not to harm the fetus and your own health. A few important points in choosing a beauty salon and shellac:

  • You can never contact a master who works at home. The sterilization of tools in such cases is much more questionable than the quality of shellac application.
  • Materials used during the procedure should not contain formaldehyde, camphor and toluene. If any of these components are still present, then the manicure will have to be abandoned.
  • Before you put your hands in the ultraviolet lamp, you must necessarily treat the skin with a special cream. This is really important during pregnancy.
  • In case the smell of shellac causes unpleasant sensations, the cabin should have a quick access to fresh air.
  • Since the procedure takes a lot of time, it is important to take care of comfort. Must have a comfortable chair.
  • Low-quality cheap shellac has a disgusting smell and bottle without any identification marks. There must also be a license plate on the bottom of the tank. Thanks to this, you can immediately identify cheap material and refuse services.

So, can you still apply shellac during pregnancy? The unequivocal answer is yes. If you consider all the warnings and choose a bona fide master for manicure, then the procedure does not harm the future child. A woman can afford nail care during pregnancy, and shellac is great for this.

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