Can I remove moles during pregnancy

Can I remove moles during pregnancy?

Birthmarks and pregnancy

Such new growths on the body occur during periods of the greatest activity of the hormonal system. The relationship between birthmarks and hormones is direct. And because at the beginning of bearing a baby the body of a woman completely rebuilds its work, then the balance of hormones changes, nevi appear on the skin. They represent an accumulation of skin skin cells, overcrowded with melanocytes, that is, dark pigments.

Nevuses are of different shades, depending on the amount of pigment accumulated in them. Sometimes they are dark brown, sometimes light brown, black. The surface of the neoplasm is uneven, rough, convex. Sometimes hairs may protrude from a mole. All this is a variation of the norm. For a woman, this is not dangerous if the growth does not increase in size. Pregnant women should not be afraid of moles in any areas of the body. It often happens that after the birth, he disappears by himself.

On the removal of nevi in ??pregnant women

If the old birthmark of a future mother suddenly began to change its shape, then you should contact an experienced dermatologist. But in most cases it's as intolerable as the appearance of new ones on the body. They do not affect the course of pregnancy. But there are always exceptions from the rules. In one case, out of a hundred thousand, a mole can regenerate into melanoma - a malignant tumor. If the dermatologist discovers that the nevus cells are in a precancerous state, then they will need to remove it. But it is necessary to do this after the birth of a baby. In rare cases, dermatologists propose to solve the problem immediately, without delay. And this should not be frightened. Such manipulation is carried out under local anesthesia, passes painlessly. Today, the level of medicine allows you to remove unwanted birthmarks with a laser, with the help of cryotherapy (cauterization with a strong cold or liquid nitrogen), electrocoagulation (exposure to high frequency current), a traditional surgical method, a radio knife. As for expectant mothers, they are recommended to remove nevuses with a laser. This method of dealing with moles has almost no contraindications and is suitable for most. An experienced doctor will adequately assess the condition of the birthmark, give advice on caring for the site of the body, where it is localized.

Surgical excision of nevi for future mothers is rare. This is done only after the positive conclusion of the oncologist.

As for the removal of moles during pregnancy purely for aesthetic reasons, this should not be done. It is impossible that the appearance in such a critical period was more important than the psychological comfort of the unborn baby. It is strictly forbidden to remove moles on the body during the period of bearing the child. Carelessness and imprudence can lead to irreversible consequences. It is also not worthwhile in this important period to seek help from the people's physicians to remove tumors.

To ensure that they are not benign from benign to malignant, it is necessary to limit the residence time under the influence of direct sunlight. It is forbidden to visit the solarium when you are pregnant. Such recommendations apply to the period of breastfeeding.

Sometimes during pregnancy, the woman's skin becomes more dry, flaky, itchy. Then you need to choose a good moisturizer to care for it. It is impossible to allow combing of new growths, their strong rubbing after taking a shower. If the mole is localized in the zone of increased friction, then it should be particularly attentive.

And ordinary people, and even more so for future mothers should always carefully monitor whether the nevus does not change the size and shape. Many dermatologists are sure that avitaminosis and the appearance of new nevuses on the body of expectant mothers are closely related. Therefore, the administration of the prescribed multivitamins will not be superfluous.

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