Can I remove warts during pregnancy

Can I remove warts during pregnancy?

Warts and pregnancy

They are neoplasms of a benign nature. The appearance of growths on the body causes human papillomavirus (HPV). It should be noted that its carriers in statistics are 90% of the total population of the planet. Experts say that the appearance of such growths on the skin is associated with endocrine disorders, a decrease in immunity, and trophic tissue disorders. Pregnancy, especially at its initial stage, is a tremendous strain on the body. Of course, it is associated with a decrease in the protective forces of the female body. This is the trigger mechanism for activating the papilloma virus.

But in no case should a woman panic about this. Most warts that appear on the face, upper and lower extremities, simply can not harm the fetus, negatively reflect on its development. Neoplasms are unpleasant only in the psychological and aesthetic sense.

But if it is a question of genital warts in the vagina or cervix, called condylomas, then they can be dangerous in the process of bearing a child and during childbirth. The baby is able to become infected, passing through the mother's birth canal.

Removing outgrowth during pregnancy

In most cases, both gynecologists and beauticians recommend that future mothers delay with the removal of benign formations. This they are advised to do in the postpartum period, especially, when the skin growths are on their hands, the trunk, neck and future mother do not cause inconvenience.

If we are talking about the above condylomas, then to them during pregnancy is a different approach. Pointed warts that appear in the birth canal of a woman require a biopsy and a Pap test to identify atypical oncocells - they can be evidence of the transformation of benign tumors into cancer.

In rare cases it happens that during the gestation there is a massive spread and activation of the formation of warts. Then the expert can recommend to the pregnant woman to remove neoplasms. But this procedure can be performed only after 28 weeks of pregnancy. It is then that the process of formation of the systems and morphological structure of the child's organs is completed. It is worth knowing that often after removal, doctors prescribe antiviral drugs to patients. Pregnant to their reception must be treated with extreme caution.

Laser removal and pregnancy

To date, it is the laser is the most effective tool to combat such malignancies. In addition, it is a safe method. Therefore, if necessary, future mothers can use this way to get rid of growths. It does not have systemic effects on the body. The source of discomfort is burned locally. This is quite simple manipulation, not time-consuming. She does not even require hospitalization of the patient. Its only drawback is the inability to use conventional local anesthesia. However, the pain of this woman is quite tolerant and moderate. This inconvenience is compensated by the effectiveness of manipulation.

Do not forget that you can remove warts during pregnancy only in case of emergency, taking into account the characteristics of the female body.

Future mothers should take responsibility for any changes in their condition and never resort to self-treatment. Even the application, at first glance, of a safe celandine to fight warts can cause a negative reaction of the skin. Moreover, during this period it is impossible to use aggressive chemical substances to remove such neoplasms.

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