Can not get pregnant

What to do, if you can not get pregnant?

Do not panic!

Many women who have wealth and loving husbands feel strangled in their family happiness. Unable to conceive a child, they begin to blame themselves for the inferiority of the family. This manifests itself in a kind of self-flagellation, depression and isolation. And it is especially difficult for such women to pass by young mothers, hear children's laughter on the playgrounds and stories of colleagues about the tricks of their children.

Yes, it's hard. But, as folk wisdom says, I can not help crying with tears, but under a lying stone water does not flow. So, enough to be sad and discouraged. Let's think together, whether you did everything for the embodiment of your dream or, maybe, you did something wrong.

Change the doctor

Reading these lines, many women are already beginning to oppose, they say, did everything possible, I am healthy, and pregnancy does not occur. It's all a stupor! No! Maybe the wrong doctor was chosen? Well, how, Maria Ivanovna is so good, experienced, she has appointed so many analyzes and only with her hands is breeding. Well, maybe you need to visit another doctor, go to another center? Sometimes even the doctor's smile gives hope, and the words: "Do not grieve, thousands of childless women!" are capable of killing her forever.

Are you sure that your husband does not need to go to a urologist? Perhaps the reason is in it?

Difficulties with conception may depend on the health of the spouse. Even with good overall performance, his masculine strength may be limp. This refers to the activity of spermatozoa. And the reason for their sluggishness can be the constant wearing of tight clothes. Is the man wearing tight jeans? Strangely enough it sounds, but the reason can be even this!

And do you think it's right?

A woman can conceive a child 1-2 days a month, during the ovulation period, but not even in every menstrual cycle. The most reliable way to conceive is to have sex during the period of ovulation. How can you calculate it?

With a 28-day cycle, this is the 14th day since the onset of menstruation. If you have a non-stable cycle, you can buy tests for ovulation, and you can track your health in the middle of the cycle. Usually ovulation is accompanied by a tide of sexual desire and an increase in vaginal discharge. This period lasts no more than two days. That's how much an egg lives, not fertilized by a sperm.

But sometimes conception occurs during sexual intercourse and before the onset of ovulation. After all, spermatozoa of a healthy man have the ability to be active in the female reproductive tract for several days. Therefore, one single sperm is sufficient for conception. So, count and start!

Consequences of contraception

There are different opinions about the consequences of using oral contraceptives. Some say that after using them they "fly in" immediately, others - on the contrary, they can not get pregnant very long. Maybe you also belong to this category of women?

Some couples say that even the long use of spermicidal lubricants as contraceptives can delay the desired conception for a long time. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask the doctor about the effect of medications on the childbearing function. Perhaps, just the reason in them?

Do not get hung up on the problem!

Psychologists in such cases advise not to turn your life into a chase after pregnancy. Perhaps, after letting go of your natural, but obsessive desire, after a while you will feel a new life in yourself completely unexpectedly? Agree, if from each sexual act to wait for a decisive "goal", then it simply will not be! Find yourself another dominant - an occupation, a hobby that will distract you from the problem and switch to communication, new knowledge and fresh emotions.

Relax! It's just not your time, but it will come necessarily. Will come, and you will become pregnant when you least expect it!

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