Canceling Kleksana before childbirth

Canceling Kleksana before childbirth

Briefly about the drug

The pharmacological action of this medication is to prevent the blood from clotting. Clexane is a solution. Its main active ingredient is sodium enoxaparin. The drug is successfully used in surgery, traumatology, orthopedics to prevent the formation of blood clots, their treatment in the veins. The use of the drug prevents the development of blood clots in the extracorporeal circulation. Introduce the drug and for relief of acute coronary syndrome. The drug is also effective in hemodialysis during pregnancy.

There is a specific technology for introducing Kleksan to pregnant women. It provides only deep subcutaneous injections in prone position. The injection is placed in the peritoneum, while the skin fold is clamped with fingers. The needle is inserted vertically into the entire length. Release the skin only after the full administration of the medicine. Place the injection can not grind, comb. The drug is prohibited to be administered intramuscularly.

Clexane and pregnancy

For the prevention of embolism and thrombosis in pregnant women, this medication is used once a day for 20-40 mg. The duration of its application can not exceed 14 days. Usually it is appointed for a period of 7-10 days. In pregnancy, Clexane can also be prescribed for unstable angina, acute respiratory or heart failure, rheumatic, infectious diseases.

For future mothers, the observing gynecologist selects individual dosages of the drug, as a rule, they are reduced in comparison with those prescribed for usual patients.

In pregnancy, this medicine is strictly forbidden to apply in the presence of such conditions and diseases:

  • disruption of homeostasis;
  • Ischemic stroke;
  • erosive and ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • hypertension.

You can not use the drug for problems with the retina in a woman, liver and kidney failure, diabetes mellitus of any stage, inflammatory processes in the inner shell of the heart, excess weight. It is forbidden to combine this medicine with other potent drugs, low molecular weight heparins.

Only a qualified doctor can appoint this medicine to a future mother. He also controls the therapy.

With some indications, Clexane during pregnancy is canceled immediately. This is a threat of miscarriage, bleeding, which can not be controlled, active form of tuberculosis, diseases of the respiratory system.

You should know about the possible consequences of using the drug during the bearing of the child. This is a local allergy, the development of bleeding, occurrence of hemorrhoidal phenomena.

For how many before the birth of cancel Clexane?

So, a drug with many side effects and in the treatment of ordinary people is prescribed when its benefit to a future mother exceeds the risk to the fetus.

Comments of women who were prescribed this medication, indicate that it helps to give birth to a healthy baby. But the drug should be used under the supervision of the attending physician, accurately dosed. If a woman has a planned cesarean section, then the injections of this medicine are canceled one day before the procedure. After the operation, after two days, the injections are resumed to prevent the formation of blood clots. The risk of their occurrence after surgery is large.

It is worth noting, that domestic and western specialists have proved: Clexane does not penetrate the placenta, does not affect the fetus. However, it is worth noting that the effect of the drug in obstetric practice has not yet been fully explored.

It is necessary to know that its antidote is protamine sulfate. To neutralize 1 mg of Kleksan, 1 mg of antidote should be administered.

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