Candles Depantol after birth

Candles Depantol after delivery - instructions for use

Candles excellently heal wounds

Candles of Depantol have restoring and anti-inflammatory properties. The main active ingredients are chlorhexidine bigluconate and dexpanthenol.

Chlorhexidine bigluconate is an antiseptic that perfectly neutralizes many bacteria, dermatophytes, yeast fungi and the herpes virus. It is important that this substance actively works, even when there is bloody or purulent discharge. And dexpanthenol strengthens regeneration processes, increases the density of collagen fibers and normalizes cellular metabolism.

As a rule, the drug is prescribed during treatment of erosion of the cervix, acute and chronic forms of vaginitis, endocervicitis and exocervicitis. It is also often used to treat the mucous membrane of the vagina, after childbirth or gynecological operations.

Many women who have given birth two or more times note that Depanthol perfectly heals breaks in just a few days. Such a conclusion they make because of the fact that after the first birth without the use of these candles, the wounds healed for more than a month, and after the second delivery with the use of this drug, the breaks healed in almost a week, and the women returned to a full life. They could walk, sit and take a shower.

In some cases, gynecologists prescribe this drug not immediately after childbirth, but after one and a half to two months, when a woman begins to live a sexual life and feels pain and burning sensation during sex. On reception at the doctor it is found out, that after sorts or labors mucous became hypersensitive, but is not present neither ruptures, nor cracks. In such cases, also appoint Candlesticks Candida, which heal affected areas.

Rules for the application of Depantolum

These suppositories are used intravaginally. The candle should be removed from the package immediately before use and inserted deep into the vagina. Remember that your hands should be clean. Candles are usually applied twice a day: in the morning and at night. The course of treatment is 10 days, maybe longer. An exact treatment regimen can only be prescribed by a specialist, depending on the state of the maternity's health.

This drug can be taken during breastfeeding, and this is very important for moms who have recently given birth and are breastfeeding. Since many drugs, including gynecological suppositories, are prohibited during lactation.

True, there are some rules for the application of Depantol. First, during the treatment period, you can not wash yourself with soap. If a woman does this, then unpleasant surprises in the form of burning, itching await her. Therefore, hygiene of intimate areas with ordinary water or infusion of herbs from chamomile and calendula should be carried out. This infusion not only carries out hygienic care, but also has a therapeutic effect. Secondly, after the introduction of a candle, you can not get up about an hour from bed, so that the suppository is well absorbed and begins to work actively inside. In addition, remember that these vaginal suppositories (as, in principle, and any others) are flowing, so do not forget to put on the usual hygienic daily pad.

Despite the excellent reviews about the effectiveness of the drug, there are some contraindications to its use. Do not use these suppositories to people who are hypersensitive to components of Depantol.

Also, during treatment, side effects may occur. In particular, a woman may experience burning, itching, and the vaginal mucosa and labia may blush. Also in the annotation to the drug it is said that systemic and local allergic reactions can occur.

If you follow the recommendations of the doctor for the use of Depantol, then literally a week later, postpartum trauma will be less noticeable. And the pain, unpleasant sensations will begin to disappear, and the woman will be able to return to normal life, which is extremely important, since after birth she already experiences a powerful psychological and physical load.

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