Candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy - what help and what can you do?

The degree of risk of hemorrhoids in a pregnant woman is affected by age and the number of already transferred births. So in twenty-year-olds, waiting for the first-born, the disease is less than three times more common than in thirty-year-old women.

If you have never had problems with the bowel, but suddenly you began to feel uncomfortable - do not panic, since this is not necessarily hemorrhoids. It is very important to determine the disease correctly. Hemorrhoids are not always easy to probe, because they can not have external manifestations, but develop inside. In this case, diagnose it can only doctor-proctologist for a professional examination.

But if you notice a bleeding from the rectum, immediately consult a doctor, because it can be something more serious than hemorrhoids.

The concept of hemorrhoids in literal translation from Latin means - bleeding. Doctors say that this disease occurs as a consequence of the blood flow over the plexus of the veins in the anus. Hemorrhoidal nodes - this is the expanded modified veins.

It is important to diagnose hemorrhoids at the initial stage, as bleeding and the appearance of the node are late signs of its long development. You should be careful of the least unpleasant sensations in the rectum area. Signals for examination for hemorrhoids can be itching and burning in the anus, pain. Do not postpone the visit to proctologists, in the first place, pregnant women. During pregnancy, the load on the pelvic area becomes much greater. The enlarged uterus begins to press on the intestine, as a consequence of constipation. Violation of venous outflow in the vessels of the pelvic region provokes the appearance of hemorrhoids.

To prevent the appearance of hemorrhoids provoking constipation, normalize your diet. Forget about smoked, ostrenkom, fat. Try to do without sweet. A good substitute for it will be dried fruits. Include in the diet products containing plant fibers. For example, buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barley. Butter is replaced with vegetable oil.

Do not forget about activity, do not give up physical exercises. At special courses for women waiting for the child, you will be taught to do special exercises for pregnant women. It is important to reduce the stress and pressure on the veins that feed the lower body. For this, lie on your left side for 20 minutes every 4-6 hours.

It is very important to avoid hypothermia (especially the lower part of the body), not to sit on the cold surface, to give up long (more than an hour) walking and long standing and sitting.

As a prophylactic wash out after each discharge of the intestine.

How to act, if you still found a hemorrhoids, so as not to harm yourself and the baby? At first it is important to understand that treatment is necessary. Do not feed idle hopes that the disease will disappear by itself. By tightening hemorrhoids, you are incredibly injurious to yourself and the baby. So, as constipation - an invariable attribute of a hemorrhoids, conducts behind itself a congestion in a blood of toxins.

In no case do not self-medicate. Consult with your doctor. If necessary, he will recommend you drugs safe for use by pregnant women.

Among the various remedies for hemorrhoids - mainly internal form - special candles on a natural, plant-based basis. They have a calming effect, relieve pain. For example, candles, which include alginate, derived from seaweed. It removes inflammation, has a beneficial effect on the healing of tissues. Also, swelling in the intestines, it softens the feces and facilitates emptying.

Venotonizing candles will help to remove puffiness and pain. Also there are candles that have an anti-inflammatory effect or contain anesthetics. The latter, relieve severe pain, associated primarily with anal fissures. Candles based on sea-buckthorn oils stop bleeding.

The positive result of hemorrhoid treatment with suppositories is provided, first of all, due to the fact that the candles not only have anti-inflammatory effect, but also bactericidal, analgesic, spasmolytic. Rectal suppositories also strengthen the walls of the intestine, stop bleeding.

Whatever drug you use, remember that it is very important to take it only after consulting a doctor and very carefully! In addition, read the instructions carefully before use. Pay attention to warnings and contraindications. It is usually recommended to use candles before night sleep, so that in the morning they can easily come out with a chair.

Remember, timely prevention, diagnosis or treatment of hemorrhoids is not only about yourself, but also about the health of your baby! Even if the disease does not create you any special problems during pregnancy, it can remind you of yourself after giving birth. And most importantly - no self-treatment!

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