Candles Polizhinaks during pregnancy

Candles Polizhinaks during pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

For example, a disease such as thrush or candidiasis, negatively affects the health of the mother and the condition of the baby. Especially if the disease occurred in the prenatal period, then the child at birth will travel through the fungus infected with the birth canal, and this threatens infection of the baby.

Therefore, the disease must be treated, and it is better to do it at the initial stage, as soon as the first signs appeared. An effective remedy for yeast infections and infections is the antifungal drug Polizinaks.

How to apply Polynynax

To eliminate thrush, doctors recommend using vaginal suppositories Polizhinaks. In addition to candidiasis, the drug also productively eliminates other infectious pathologies caused by pathogenic microorganisms.

Medicinal candles efficiently and quickly eliminate the infectious focus and relieve unpleasant symptoms of the disease, since they have a harmful effect on harmful bacteria and fungi.

In addition, candles are also actively used for the sanitation of the genital tract before the birth of a child or before the planned surgical intervention. The drug activates blood circulation, which improves the condition of the mucous membrane and normalizes the microflora of the vagina.

For the prevention of candles used for 6 days. If the medicine is used for medicinal purposes, then the therapy lasts 12 days.

Antifungal suppositories: limitations and side effects

When using medicinal suppositories, although rarely, however, allergic reactions are possible in the form of itching and burning, swelling and redness. If such signs appear, the woman should consult with the attending physician in order to correct further treatment.

With increased sensitivity to the components of the drug, treatment with Polygenax is undesirable. It is also forbidden to use Polizinaks in the first months of bearing a child.

Use of an antifungal agent during pregnancy

Only the doctor should determine the dosage and duration of treatment for pregnant women. Self-treatment with vaginal suppositories is unacceptable, and in the period of gestation the baby is completely prohibited.

A woman should undergo a full clinical examination, take a swab from the vagina, and after that the specialist determines the scheme for taking medicines.

Doctors-gynecologists call the antifungal drug Poliginax an excellent curative and preventive agent, however, during pregnancy, it is prescribed with extreme caution. The composition of the drug includes toxic substances: neomycin and polymyxin, which can harm a child growing up in the womb. Although until today no negative reactions have been identified, nevertheless, the drug must be used strictly according to medical prescriptions and under control.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, candles are prohibited. But closer to the delivery of their use as a therapeutic agent can. Moreover, they are often prescribed a few days before childbirth to clear the birth canal, normalize the microflora of the vagina and prevent the infection of the child with a fungus.

To use or not to use Polizinax during pregnancy, only the woman expecting the baby and her attending physician decide. If the future mother does not want to risk the health of her baby, then she has every right to refuse the use of Polizhinax and ask to replace it with a less dangerous drug, especially since today there are many antifungal agents that can be used by pregnant women.

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