Candles with belladonna before birth

Candles with belladonna before birth

Characteristics of suppositories

Krasavka is the second name of belladonna. The medicinal plant, in particular its flowers, used in official and folk medicine, are very poisonous. But phytotherapeutists and pharmacists know how to remove from them substances that produce a curative effect. Extract krasavki used in the composition of many drugs, including suppositories. It has an analgesic property. As part of the candles, the extract of belladonna (15 mg each) perfectly restores the stool, relaxes the cervix.

Components of suppositories are also alkaloids of atropine. These components stop the penetration of acetylcholine into cholinergic receptors, after which the smooth muscles of the abdominal organs relax. The spasmolytic effect of candles is also susceptible to the musculature of the small pelvis, kidneys, retroperitoneal space, urinary tract, genital organs and digestive system. That is, the use of suppositories with bellies at the time of delivery allows you to prepare the uterus for this process. Candles relieve the tension of the peritoneum, have an analgesic property, relax the cervix. The use of such suppositories will be useful, if a woman has signs of hemorrhoids. Candles will eliminate pain, contribute to the healing of cracks.

The effect of this drug on the threshold of childbirth is to relax the muscles and improve the emptying of the intestine. Those who give birth to such candles obstetrician-gynecologists are appointed to stimulate the natural process of delivery. Especially their use is important when overdosing pregnancy. Suppositories are also used in cases where the cervix remains inelastic before delivery. This can adversely affect the birth of a baby, complicate its passage through birth canal and delay the birth process.

Suppositories with the extract of belladonna provide maturation of the cervix and partially anesthetize the birth. Timely use of them minimizes the risk of internal ruptures and bleeding. Such a preparation is a good prophylaxis for the development of hemorrhoids after childbirth.

Contraindications and side effects of suppositories

The parturient should not exceed the dosage of suppositories prescribed by the gynecologist. And the main reason for this precaution is that these candles have a number of side effects, like other medications. In practice, their use can be accompanied by vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, increased thirst, allergic rashes, tachycardia, dizziness, dry mouth. Sometimes there may be a decrease in visual acuity. If the above signs are observed, then the use of suppositories should be discontinued and immediately inform the attending physician about it.

The instruction to the drug also tells about the limitations in its use. This is a ban on their use during the period of bearing a child. But such a taboo is a kind of insurance for pharmacists. Nevertheless, it becomes clear that suppositories with belladonna extract stimulate the process of delivery, relaxing the muscles of the genital organs and peritoneum. In the first and second trimester of pregnancy, it is better not to use them.

How to use candles

Not all doctors explain to patients how to use the drug. Because the candles are rectal, they are inserted into the anus. Before they are placed, the bowel must be emptied. This is done by defecation or with an enema. Then the hygienic toilet of the external genital organs is carried out, after which the hands are thoroughly washed and the suppository is inserted as deep as possible into the anus in a horizontal position. RecommendedIt takes 30 minutes to lie down, so that the candles calmly act. Usually, doctors do not prescribe more than three suppositories per day. Such therapy lasts a maximum of seven days.

So, to apply the drug with belladonna before birth is necessary only for the doctor's prescription. The reaction of the maternity organism to candles may be different, as evidenced by the testimonies of women. Some state the acceleration of delivery, others note that it was possible to avoid ruptures with a large fetus, while others indicate a neutral effect of the drug.

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