Candles with bellies during pregnancy

Candles with bellies during pregnancy before childbirth

But, despite such simplicity in the description, it remains incomprehensible, at least, 2 questions: is it possible and appropriate to use candles with bellies during pregnancy?

As for the first, it is said in different instructions in different ways, or rather, in some it is mentioned, but in others it does not. In some of the annotations among the contraindications to the use of candles with belladonna you can meet and pregnancy. But doctors explain it too simply: pharmacists are reinsured. In later terms, candles with belladonna do not have a negative effect on the fetus, therefore, are not contraindicated.

But is there any sense in putting candles with bellies during pregnancy? Do they help and what side effects can there be from suppositories?

Candles with bellies during pregnancy are usually appointed together with No-shpa - as already mentioned, for the preparation for childbirth: softening of the cervix, removal of muscle tone and prevention of hemorrhoids. On different women they act differently: someone candles help to fix problems with the stool, which is often found during pregnancy, others are severely weakened and cause considerable discomfort, including side effects: heart palpitations, visual disturbances, thirst, dry mouth and others. In the latter case, doctors replace them with other drugs, for example, candles with papaverine.

Regarding the effectiveness and appropriateness of such appointments, pregnant women hold different points of view: someone with candles with bellies helps, others do not observe any positive effect and relief (cervix opens tight and reluctantly). Some even do not try, skipping medical appointments by the ears.

It should be said that the gynecologists themselves are also unequal to this issue: in some women's clinics almost all pregnant women are prescribed candles with bellies before delivery, in others are sure - all this is useless and unjustified.

Among the reviews, there are often stories of how a paid lead doctor cancels candles with a bellies during pregnancy, appointed in the LCD. And, of course, women are somewhat embarrassed and confusing: who to believe and whom to listen to? It is difficult to answer this question. Both can be right. Therefore, if there is a doctor you trust, then you should listen to him. In the end, the reaction of the body to candles with bellies during pregnancy is very different: there is a probability of both positive impact and negative. But it is obvious, that candles with bellies should be prescribed during pregnancy and before childbirth only if you have evidence, that is, if you are at risk for developing hemorrhoids and slowly opening the cervix.

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