Castor oil during pregnancy

Castor oil during pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of consumption

As a rule, castor oil in this case becomes a very convenient means for getting rid of constipation. It is known that many future mothers, starting with the second trimester, often complain of such an intimate problem as the inability to freely empty the intestine. And, if before the moment of conception castor oil could become an assistant in the fight against constipation, then castor oil during pregnancy to eliminate this unpleasant problem does not fit. All because oil is, in addition to improving bowel patency, it also has an effect on the uterus - causes its contractile activity. So, the risk of unwanted termination of pregnancy in this case is significantly increased, which is unacceptable for a future mother. Knowing about this feature of castor oil, at one time castor oil during pregnancy was often applied already in the last terms by obstetricians - to stimulate labor. But the use of castor oil for this purpose requires medical training and qualification, so as not to provoke undesirable consequences. And today, with the development of newer and more modern technologies, the use of castor oil to stimulate "delayed" births is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, the latest methods for such processes are used, which exclude as much as possible a possible unforeseen result.

The fact that castor oil during pregnancy inwards is extremely undesirable - an obvious fact. But the use of castor oil is external, even while waiting for the baby, is only welcomed. In many cases, castor oil during pregnancy can come to a pregnant woman "to the rescue", and it is used for this purpose quite widely.

The most well-known method of using castor oil during pregnancy is external - it strengthens the hair, and with it, and improve the appearance and condition of the eyelashes, eyebrows. Long since, in order to improve the growth of eyelashes, to make them long and fluffy, castor oil was applied to the eyelashes with the help of a brush and left so for the night. By the same scheme, castor oil is applied on the eyebrows, which then can be given the desired and desired shape.

Many expectant mothers during pregnancy deteriorate and the condition of the hair - due to many major changes in the body of a woman, hair often begins to fall out, become dry and brittle, their growth slows down. In this case, the use of castor oil during pregnancy is even justified: you can massage the oil with massage movements into the scalp, or you can prepare special hair masks on its basis. To strengthen hair, castor oil is mixed with onion juice (2 tablespoons of each ingredient) or with lemon juice (in equal parts). With abundant hair loss apply a mask of castor oil with alcohol (mixed half). Masks are kept on the hair, depending on the composition and purpose - from half an hour to two hours. Always wash off with warm water, always with the use of shampoo, and for a greater effect apply and rinsing hair with water with vinegar, lemon juice, herbal decoctions.

Castor oil during pregnancy becomes an excellent cosmetic product: it has good properties to soften the skin, nourish it bleach and reduce wrinkles. So, castor oil during pregnancy can be used without any fear for excessive dryness of the skin, if the skin is chapped, to moisten the eyelids. The castor oil will perfectly help if the dryness of the skin leads to such unpleasant phenomena as build-ups or seals, for example, on the heels, soles of the feet, elbows, knee folds. In this case, you can use a bath with the addition of castor oil, or you can - and special cosmetics, in the composition of which this oil is present. In addition, castor oil is capable of removing itching, soothe skin irritations, therefore, it can be safely used during pregnancy in order to avoid strong scratching or allergic reactions (for example, if it rubs underwear).

Castor oil during pregnancy can become a faithful ally for a woman in the struggle for beauty. If, of course, it is used correctly - externally. That is, completely to refuse its application it is senseless, but here to exclude consumption of castor oil inwards is still worth it.

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