Castor oil for stimulation childbirth

Use of castor oil to stimulate delivery

About the mechanism of action of castor oil for stimulation of childbirth

Immediately we note that this non-standard for medicine way of causing contractions by gynecologists in most cases is not approved. Castor oil is known as a powerful laxative. In ancient times it was used in Russia in order to stimulate uterine contraction in a short time. Surely not everyone knows that such a method of stimulating labor is not at all harmless. Because it is not about a few drops of this drug, but about using 50 grams of the product to stimulate uterine contractions. Such a dose of castor in a woman in labor can cause severe diarrhea, as well as vomiting. After all, in fact, castor oil is an enema that is applied orally. Stimulates the work of the intestine in a strengthened mode. This peculiarly awakens the uterus and causes its weak contractions. The fruit during the cleansing of the intestine can descend into the birth canal.

It is worth emphasizing that the danger of such a folk method is dehydration of the maternity organism, its exhaustion. A woman loses her strength, constantly running to the toilet. This causes weakness, loss of nutrients and fluids. Therefore, using this method, a woman should be extremely cautious. So you can provoke a complicated birth.

How to drink castor oil to stimulate delivery?

The valuable product of traditional medicine tastes very unpleasant. For most women, it causes disgust, light stress. Castor oil taken internally, often provokes a strong gag reflex. In this case, there can be no question of stimulating labor activity, because used, in fact, comes back with vomit masses back. That is why it is highly recommended not to take castor oil in its pure form before the birth. It is necessary to give preference to so-called cocktails with this product. Auxiliary components are kefir, juices, champagne.

Once this tool was taken in its pure form, and now every woman chooses the most acceptable for her way of internal consumption of oil. Some mix the product with juice and drink in one gulp, others alternate both fluids, others drink alcohol, and then castor oil. By the way, if a woman has a healthy digestive system, you may need to take such a cocktail several times. Some doctors advise women to take castor oil after the onset of labor to strengthen labor activity. In this case, one-time reception should not exceed two tablespoons.

So, here are the options for using the product to stimulate delivery:

  1. Mix 50 ml of castor oil, 50 ml of champagne and one glass of orange juice. Drink in one or two turns.
  2. Eat a slice of black bread. Grind in a blender a handful of almonds, two or three tablespoons of castor oil, 200 grams of peach juice. It is advisable to drink all at once.

Each of the components of such a mixture has its effect. Castor oil causes spasms of smooth muscles of the intestine and causes the uterus to contract. Her tone increases the almonds. Champagne also affects the tone of the uterus, ensures the flow of blood to the body.

Juice neutralizes and softens the unpleasant taste of castor oil.

Of course, many women giving birth to alcohol in cocktails cause fear. After all, his reception during the period of carrying the baby is prohibited. Also causes fear and the possibility of allergy in the future mother, especially if before she never took castor oil. It's another matter if a woman reacts normally to it, and there are no side reactions.

Also, the risk of using this method of stimulation of labor is that contractions can be very strong, and the child will experience oxygen starvation.

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