Causes and signs of infertility in women and men

Causes and signs of infertility in women and men

Many couples perceive such a fact with fear and begin to panic. To avoid this, it is necessary to find out the causes of this disease.

Causes and signs of infertility in women

There are four main types of infertility in women: primary (possibly in nulliparous women); secondary (in women who had a pregnancy); Absolute (lack of opportunity to have a child); relative (conception is possible in the presence of treatment). Depending on the problematic infertility may be caused by tubal obstruction, difficulties with the immune system, hormonal failures, psychological mood.

Problems are diagnosed if a woman after regular sex does not have a pregnancy, and men do not have sperm pathologies.

One of the reasons may be the absence of menstruation. Amenorrhea (or lack of monthly excretions) occurs in girls before puberty, in women during pregnancy or menopause, temporarily - after the use of contraceptives. In other cases this may be a sign of infertility. The ovum is not fully maturing for problems with irregular menstrual cycles. This fact indicates a violation of the process of ovulation.

With inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, ovaries, problems of the nervous system, the pituitary, the possibility of infertility in women increases several times.

and congenital pathologies of genital organs, conception is extremely rare. The ability to give birth to a child is affected by early abortions, they increase the possibility of the emergence of pathology.

The age of a woman influences the reproductive functions. It is known that in women after 35-40 years, conception is much more difficult.

Causes and signs of infertility in men

Men also begin to think about their health, when after a regular sexual intercourse in a healthy and capable of giving birth to a woman, a pregnancy does not occur. There are such types of male infertility: secretory (disruption of the ovaries leads to the development of a small number of spermatozoa); Immunological (occurs after trauma); obturational (difficult sperm secretion); relative (present in the presence of stressful situations).

The most popular cause of infertility in men is a low quality of sperm, respectively, a small number and low mobility of spermatozoa. But, fortunately, most of these problems can be treated. The main thing is to pay attention in time.

Do not forget that tight clothing, especially made of warm material, creates a greenhouse effect and clamps male genital organs, thereby reducing the quality of sperm.

Causes of infertility of both partners

Polluted ecology, radiation level, sphere of labor activity increase the possibility of infertility in women and men. The addiction to bad habits also does not contribute to normal fertilization. Do not go too far with sports, Since a large number of endorphins with an exercise stress inhibits the secretion of hormones. Sharp changes in body weight - overeating or diet - contribute to hormonal failure. Postponed infectious diseases can also be the cause of infertility.

Methods of treatment of male and female infertility

In order to conduct infertility treatment, it is necessary to diagnose the problem. Therefore, at the first sign of the disease, do not self-medicate, but seek help from specialists. Medicine does not stand still, there are a number of opportunities to overcome this problem. For treatment methods such as medication, surgery, physiotherapy, massages, etc. are used. Taking care of your health from an early age, you save yourself from problems in the future. If you still encounter a problem of infertility, then have patience, because this process requires a long time and your mood for a positive result.

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