Causes of cerebral palsy during pregnancy

Causes of cerebral palsy during pregnancy

Factors contributing to the development of cerebral palsy

Fetal development is affected by many factors. Among them, the main causes of infantile cerebral palsy are the following:

  1. Intrauterine hypoxia of the fetus or arising immediately after the appearance of the baby to the light. In most cases, its "culprits" are pathologies of pregnancy in the form of toxicosis, infection, violation of the placental circulation. They lead to underdevelopment of the baby's brain, especially those of its zones, which are responsible for maintaining balance and forming reflex mechanisms. Therefore, there is an uneven distribution of muscle tone in the skeleton and pathological motor reactions.
  2. Birth trauma. They can be caused by different types of obstetric pathologies, for example, weakness of labor, a narrow pelvis, protracted or, conversely, rapid delivery. Also, birth trauma occurs because of an incorrect presentation of the baby in the womb, after a long anhydrous period. It is worth noting that the severity of childbirth in most cases is due to the already existing pathologies of the child.
  3. Nuclear jaundice (haemolytic disease of newborns). It is always accompanied by intoxication of the child's brain. Jaundice often occurs as a result of incompatibility of fetal and maternal blood by a Rh factor or group, because of a liver failure in a unborn child.
  4. Chronic and acute diseases of a woman. And in the first place among them is hypertension, then heart disease, obesity, rubella, diabetes mellitus. The so-called maternal factor of perinatal risk is the use of certain medications. It's about tranquilizers. For this group of reasons, gynecologists also include stress, alcoholism, physical trauma, and diseases of viral origin.
  5. Disorders of the physiological course of pregnancy. These are the threats of its interruption, the immunological incompatibility of the fetus and its mother.
  6. Complications in childbirth. Examples include asphyxiation, mechanical head injuries.
  7. Premature delivery. Preterm pregnancy is considered by experts to be the factor most contributing to the development of infantile cerebral palsy.
  8. Ischemic stroke. It can be generic or intrauterine.

Medical statistics indicate that children's cerebral palsy is more often affected by boys. They themselves and the course of the disease is more severe than that of girls. For example, three-fourths of cases of tetraplegia of moderate and severe form are characteristic of males. They and motor disorders are more severe than in girls.

Diagnosis of cerebral palsy during pregnancy

Today's level and the development of medicine allow for many pathologies of children before they are born. But, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to foresee the birth of the crumbs affected by infantile cerebral palsy. A lot of questions that concern the pathogenesis, etiology, therapy of cerebral palsy, remain undisclosed not only in Russia. Above this work in many countries of the world. In America, for example, researchers study such causes of pathology as the incompatibility of fetal and maternal blood, root rubella.

Many risk factors depend on delivery. But such causes of cerebral palsy, as intrauterine hypoxia, unsuccessful pregnancy of mother, insufficient weight of the child, it is quite possible to reveal, and to interfere with the development of probable cerebral palsy. The causes of intrauterine disorders in the fetal brain arise under the influence of toxic, metabolic, hypoxic effects. That's why it's so important to go through ultrasound on time, to take all the tests prescribed by the doctor. This helps prevent fetal developmental pathologies, respectively, and avoid cerebral palsy.

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