Causes of polyhydramnios during pregnancy

Causes of polyhydramnios during pregnancy

Polyhydramnios can cause miscarriages or premature births. Do not rule out the death of the child at the same time, but there is also a very high risk of developing intrauterine pathologies, in particular, polyhydramnios cause disorders of the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract in the fetus. Generic activity in case of polyhydramnios is inhibited.

That's why polyhydramnios need to be treated, and in a timely manner. And for this, the doctor will need to establish the cause of the violation. A pregnant woman may suspect polyhydramnios if the baby's movements become less active, and she feels gurgling in her stomach. The pressure on the uterus is then amplified, there is discomfort and heaviness in the abdomen, the work of internal organs is disrupted. To confirm the diagnosis and establish possible causes of polyhydramnios during pregnancy, the doctor will send you for a checkup: a blood test, a smear for sexual infections, an ultrasound examination, Doppler. Without a deep survey, it is almost impossible to establish the exact cause of polyhydramnios.

It should be said that the causes of polyhydramnios in pregnant women are not fully understood and clarified. And in a third of cases, they remain unsettled. But still some of them are isolated, which can lead to polyhydramnios:

  • diabetes mellitus in a pregnant woman (this is due to a third of all cases);
  • infectious diseases (chronic, genitourinary, STD);
  • a cold;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • kidney disease;
  • Rh-conflict (incompatibility of blood of the mother and the child in 95% of cases is accompanied by polyhydramnios);
  • Multiple pregnancy;
  • large body weight of the fetus;
  • violation of the excretory function of the fetus;
  • disturbance of the fetal reflex of the fetus;
  • dysfunction of the membranes;
  • malformations of the fetus (often incompatible with life).

Almost always a woman with polyhydramnios put in a hospital. If treatment does not lead to improvement, the future mother is shown a cesarean section (often polyhydramnios develops in the second half of pregnancy).

But usually this can be avoided if the pregnant woman is attentive to herself and responsible. Do not protester: always consult a doctor if you feel unwell and have suspicious signs and sensations.

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